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It's dynamic

Posted by daniel on March 22, 2005 at 4:21 AM PST

Don't call it scripting anymore

Tom McQueeny asks in his blog, href="">Are
the scripting languages threatening Java? He writes "New languages
and new web frameworks will have to prove themselves. They're not
going to steamroll over Java without some real projects proving their
mettle over Java in the long term.

I do have a concern that some software development managers, in their
quest for Cheaper, Faster, Lighter software, might fall for the hype
of the scripting language du jour and hire inexperienced developers
("Hey, they're right out of college but they can program in PHP!") to
write web applications in PHP or Perl because they've heard these
languages will result in faster delivery. The result could indeed be
fast delivery -- of horrendously complex, intertwined, unmaintainable

In Also
in Java Today
, Lynn Greiner of DevSource has gathered five experts in dynamic
languages to comment on href=",1759,1778141,00.asp"> The
State of the Scripting Universe. The group includes Perl's Damian
Conway, Python's Guido van Rossum, Ruby's Dave Thomas, Tcl's Jeff
Hobbs, and PHP's Rohan Pall. Van Rossum notes "The term 'scripting
language' is becoming more an more of a misnomer; many people nowadays
prefer 'dynamic languages,' referring to the lack of compile-time type

If you work with threaded code and are moving to J2SE 5.0, the
check out the Core Java Tech tip href="">
Getting to know Synchronizers . The tip looks at the recent
additions to the "mechanisms for coordinating between different
threads in an application. This added support is provided by the new
java.util.concurrent package. The package includes classes that offer
semaphores, barriers, latches, and exchangers."

In today's Weblogs ,
Michael Nascimento Santos explains href="">
A tricky issue with java.awt.Font. " If you deal with GUIs, do
some printing in your applications, play with custom drawing, use
report software or anything that deals with fonts in Java, be aware of
an important limitation in the API. "

Scott Schram reports href="">
Nasa Explores Eclipse Rich Client Platform. " Jeff Norris and Mark
Powell of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory gave a fascinating
presentation at EclipseCon regarding NASA's adoption of the Eclipse
Rich Client Platform for Mars rover mission planning software."

Sebastian Lohmeier has been href="">
Trying the obvious. " The codehost project at explores
new ways in classloading that take advantage of the convention to
prefix Java packages with a reversed domain name."

In Projects and
, the href="">Global Education and
Learning Community home page is featuring href="">JLogic, a digital circuit
simulator. The project recently graduated from the incubator and the
project owner shared some of his thoughts in a href="">recent

Slashdot has a href="">report
and discussion on the release of href="">Narya, an open-source
gaming toolkit from the developers of href="">Puzzle Pirates. Members of
the Java Games community
might find this a good way to get started.

Can you href="">
Make java.util.Iterator usable in a for statement? In today's
cbare writes "OK, I'll buy the explaination that something like this:
List<Widgets> list = getWidgets();is probably
better practice than:

 Iterator<Widgets> iterator =

The href="">===
operator thread has returned. Wgauvin writes "If you want an
equality operator, [..] (a === b) would map to something
like ((a==b) || ((a != null) && a.equals(b)) [..] this
would catch if both a and b were null, either one was null."

In today's
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Don't call it scripting anymore