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JDO 2.0 approved

Posted by daniel on March 2, 2005 at 7:46 AM PST

No formal votes against

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, the JSR community points to the recent vote to approve JSR 243 on JDO 2.0. There were twelve yes votes, four abstentions, and zero no votes. The comments that accompany the votes are illuminating. The JBoss comment made it clear that they were not supporting the spec and why, but they felt an abstention was a more appropriate vote. When we launch this week's poll tomorrow we'll ask you how you feel about this vote.

The NetBeans Community reports that their IDE is's open source tool of the year. lauds the IDE for its cross-platform support, J2SE 5.0 integration, extensibility, and flexibility.

JSR community leader Michael Nascimento Santos blogs The JCP EC (and the community) did the right thing: JDO 2.0 approved in today's
Weblogs . " After a long time of uncertainty, the JCP Executive Comitee has done the right thing by approving JSR-243, JDO 2.0. But the community deserves credit for that as well. "

Meanwhile we have two conference reports. Tom Marrs checks in with a look at JBoss World 2005 Conference - Day 1 and Scott Schram report on EclipseCon - Tim O'Reilly Keynote.

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, the Apple Developer Connection is running an article on Developing Java applications on Mac OS X with Eclipse. The article presents "three examples. The first, the classic HelloWorld example, introduces the IDE, shows you how to create a project, and how to create, compile, and run a class. For the second example, we will import the base Swing application created by Xcode and work with it in Eclipse. You will also learn how to customize the Eclipse environment and start taking advantage of the Java-specific, code-aware features such as code assist and refactoring. In the third example, we will work with an example that introduces the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT). "

Swaminathan Radhakrishnan writes, "Session beans are used for business logic components and are primarily of two types: Stateful and Stateless. The type of the bean, stateful or stateless, is decided at deployment time through some deployment parameters." That's fine, of course, until a stateless bean picks up some data that it should start holding onto, meaning it needs to become a stateful bean... a runtime change that is generally not possible. In On-Demand Stateful EJBs, he proposes a design pattern for building a system to accommodate this scenario, allowing stateless session beans to become stateful on the fly.

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Weekly/nightly builds of JAXB 2.0?
In today's href="">Forums, Spiff requests "Is it possible to get nightly/weekly builds of JAXB 2.0 RI, or perhaps access to its CVS repository? I got an exception when I ran the release from a few weeks ago on my schema and I'd like to see if that has gone away in recent builds."

RLopes has been wondering about Integrating vector graphics into Swing and writes "I was thinking the same while i was trying to make a synth theme, it would be really nice to have an svgpainter (like imagepainter)".

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No formal votes against