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JOLT Productivity award

Posted by daniel on March 18, 2005 at 7:43 AM PST

An honor to be nominated

A month ago Morgan Freeman was on the Charlie Rose show talking about the Oscars. He was asked about how important it was to him to win the award. He said, as everyone says, that it is an honor just to be nominated. He then went further to explain that making it into the final list of the five or six best at something in a category means a lot to him. After that, there are many factors that can lead to one person or another winning.

I had that in mind when both of the sites that the O'Reilly team work on ended up as finalists for this year's JOLT awards. It was cool to be nominated and didn't matter whether or not we won. Last year the O'Reilly network won the Productivity award (the second place award shared by the three finalists) and we were quite pleased.

This year, won the Productivity award. Thank you all for your help making this a great site. It is your projects, articles, blogs, wiki and forum contributions, and comments that help us on our path to becoming the site we are working to become. The JOLT winners story lists all of the winners. Sharing the productivity award with us are developerWorks and Developer.*. The O'Reilly team is also pleased because the Excellence award (first place) for this category this year went to the O'Reilly Network.

Ted Kosan writes on Embedded Java - the Mouse that is about to Roar in today's href=""> Weblogs . "The Enterprise Systems community is currently in the process of building out the sensor-to-boardroom vision but they are almost completely blocked from accessing almost any aspect of the physical world for monitoring and control purposes due to the Computer Science-only background of most of its members."

James Todd checks in with a list of JXTA updates for the first quarter of this year and Chet Haase is looking for bad code. In JDG* seeks bad code for good time Chet writes " The Desktop Client group is doing 2 sessions this year at JavaOne on improving existing code. Have an application that you think could look better or run faster? Send it on in... "

In Also
in Java Today
, Laurence Moroney addresses the issue of porting displays of data that are HTML-like to Excel or Powerpoint in his DevX article Inspire Harmony Between COM and Java with JCOM. He provides an introduction to JCom which provides a "Java-COM bridge lets you manipulate Windows components—formerly the domain of VB, C++ and .NET developers—to your heart's content. And you can migrate away from end-to-end COM systems by implementing a Java front end that talks to DCOM back ends. "

In A Look at Commons Chain, Part 2, Bill Siggelkow investigate how Struts 1.3 uses Chain. "Struts uses Chain to replace its traditional HTTP-request processing, which was handled by the RequestProcessor class," with the payoff that "adding custom behavior to Struts request processing is now much easier and less obtrusive than ever before." Bill is the author of Jakarta Struts Cookbook.

In Projects and
, an open-source implementation of JSR 168 is available from the Portlet Community, in the form of the jPortlet project. jPortlet is a compliant portlet container with an integrated portal, and offers many features including fine-grained security, customized layouts, multiple portal support, and more.

Members of the Jini Community may be interested in Greg Trasuk's weblog entry Jython eases Swing Multithreading for Jini apps (and others), which takes on the problem of how to handle the threading required to process Jini events and properly interact with Swing and the AWT event dispatch thread.

Three quick posts
in today's href="">Forums.
Callen982 notes in the Operator Overloading thread that "I believe that the JLS says that annotations cannot change the semantics of a program unless the JLS says that that annotation does so.

Kelly O'Hair points to links on Solaris patches.

ThomasSng requests more information on why Applets don't seem to work with the latest snapshot "The stack trace seems to be related to the new cache code in mustang. However I cannot reproduce the problem yet. Can you please post the applet url which can be used to reproduce the problem ?"

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An honor to be nominated