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Phones games not "Doomed"

Posted by daniel on March 29, 2005 at 8:28 AM PST

John Carmack on J2ME

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John Carmack recently blogged about his
Cell phone adventures
. He explains that he is not a cell phone guy but that after Quake3 and other projects he has decided to write a cell phone game. He writes "After working my way through the alphabet soup of J2ME, CLDC, and MIDP, I've found that writing for the platform is pretty easy. In fact, I think it would be an interesting environment for beginning programmers to learn on.[..] All the documentation and tools
needed are free off the web, and there is an inherent neatness to being able to put the program on your phone and walk away from the computer." But don't stop there. Read his careful critique of the platform and the limitations that he found in programming J2ME on a cell phone for games. More on this is Doug Twilleager's blog below.

Additions to the Tiger APIs makes Printing JTables easy in J2SE 5.0. In this Core Java Tech tip you will see how to print JTables and how to add a header or footer to the page. In the final example you will see how to render a table with alternate rows striped on the screen and with all of the tables sent to the printer with the same background.

Doug Tilleager considers Carmack's post in today's href=""> Weblogs . In Doom on Cell Phones Doug is appreciative of Carmack's comments and takes the time to address some of the points that target performance, WORA, and native Java.

Michael Nascimento Santos writes First draft for Common Annotations is out. Follow his link and add your comments.

"Index.dat files are pernicious, unnecessary, and just plain frustrating." That's N. Alex Rupp's take in Notes towards an Open Source Java privacy/security/repair suite. He reports on the results of running a Maven file to flush out the standard virus and spyware habitats. He flushes and the files remain.

Afishionado writes about
Swing vs. AWT: Performance
in today's href="">Forums. "After listening to Sun talk about how much faster Swing is than AWT, and listening to a C programmer tell me that there's no reason "lightweight" components should be faster than native components, I decided to find out for myself, and wrote a quick benchmark (code below). [..] It seems that Sun was right--Swing is nearly twice as fast as AWT, on my machine at least. I don't happen to have SWT installed right now, but I would be interested to see how it comes out--my guess is that it would probably beat both AWT and Swing."

Podlesh writes "There are many cases, when java program needs to read/write text file in platform encoding and these classes are handy. However, in bigger projects, usage of FileReader or FileWriter is almost certainly error which hurts portability and which must be found and corrected. And this means to use FileInputStream+InputStreamReader. I must admin that deprecation is maybe too radical, but at least the new constructors should be added."

In Projects and
, a link on the Linux Java Community home page highlights the article Teach your TiVo New Tricks with the HME SDK, which introduces development of Home Media Engine (HME) applications for the TiVo platform and shows how to pull stock quotes with a Java application and push them to the TiVo's display.

Early birds in the Embedded Java community may want to jump on this: the online chat Create a MIDP Application Using Drag 'n' Drop begins at 9AM Pacific. The chat features Martin Brehovsky and David Kaspar of the NetBeans Mobility Pack team, discussing visual development of mobile applications.

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John Carmack on J2ME