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Whacking bugs

Posted by daniel on March 23, 2005 at 7:59 AM PST

Pick up some buggy code and join in

In today's
we feature two posts by Bino George. The first is a response to someone asking about two bugs. Bino writes "Do you have a fix for these already ? If you do you can contribute it using contribution page : Or are you suggesting that someone should work on it ? These look like good bugs to work on for someone wanting to try the process. Let me know if you need any help." Pick up some buggy code and join in . . . also

Tom White counts characters, Brian Leonard on the eBay SDK for Netbeans, and , Tom Ball on husbanding

Also in Java Today: Sharing RMS in MIKP 2
and Reducing upgrade risk with AOP

Projects and Communities JXTA-C
and JavaPedia: Multitaneous Apps

Forum posts: submitting bug fixes and
the contributors agreement

Of course, there are legal hoops - so Bino also posts where to fax/mail contributor agreement. "The fax number is 650-482-6557 as is documented here : I will work with the web folks to make it more obvious and up-front, instead of being burried in this page."

In Also
in Java Today
, a MIDlet suite can use RMS (Record Management Store) to create one or more record stores, each identified by a unique name. Richard Marejka shows you how the ins and outs of Sharing Data Between MIDlet Suites. "In MIDP 1.0 each store is private to the MIDlet suite that creates it. The MIDP 2.0 specification adds a very useful new capability to the RMS package: It enables one MIDlet suite to share a record store with other MIDlet suites."

Introducing code into a deployed system is fraught with peril, when such activity is permitted at all. That it is facilitated with Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) is of little help if the structure of the code increases the chance of unexpected results. In Reducing Upgrade Risk with Aspect Oriented Programming, Stephen B. Morris shows how the classic Observer design pattern can be used to separate concerns in the code, making it easier for the AOP-inserted code to operate safely and without side effects.

In today's Weblogs , Tom White muses about Counting Characters. You'd think this would be easy to do but Tom asks (and answers) " What is a character? With the introduction of supplementary characters in Java 1.5 things aren't quite as simple as they once were."

Brian Leanard Continues the Theme: The eBay SDK for Java and NetBeans 4.0. " One of eBay's more extensive sample applications is a bit tedious to run. This tutorial shows how to solve that problem using NetBeans 4.0. "

Tom Ball begins a blog entry about looking for another job
and ends up thinking about how to Be a good husband. " An old-fashioned definition of husbandry is the practice of carefully managing resources, such as sustainable farming. That describes software engineering well, too. "

In Projects and
, JXTA-C, the C-language bindings to the JXTA core, recently released version 2.1. This new version offers new tutorials, clean up of source and header files, and code-level fixes including TCP latency improvement and expired cache removal.

The Javapedia page Multitaneous Apps describes applications "that allow many people to be editing the same work product (e.g. document) at the same time," and cites SharedPage as an example. You're invited to contribute to this entry.

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Pick up some buggy code and join in