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Open source projects and Java

Posted by daniel on April 22, 2005 at 9:33 AM PDT

An invitation to share your experiences

Matt Thompson at Sun has asked me to forward you this invitation:

"If you are a developer that leverages open source Java projects as
part of your own internal development efforts then Sun is interested in
hearing from you. We are looking to set up an opportunity for a
representative set of developers in the community to meet with Sun's
executives to talk about their experiences in leveraging open source
projects and the Java platform."

If interested, please contact Matt Thompson ( As
part of your email please give a short description of how you leverage
open source technologies and tools in your development efforts."

Joshua Marinacci has a new monitor and it's change his view of things. In A Hi-Rez Future
in today's href=""> Weblogs he writes "Every toolkit (Swing included) has certain assumptions about the size of a button or menu item. These assumptions start to break down as screens leave the range our toolkits were originally designed for."

Chris Adamson comments about Java Media without Mediocrity in which he concludes " If there is a future for Java Media, it probably involves MPEG-4 and probably doesn't involve JMF. " Also Ludovic Champenois posts NetBeans, SPECjAppServer2004, Visual GC, ANT, JBoss and Demi Moore

In Also in
Java Today
, Eric M. Burke, coauthor of Java Extreme Programming Cookbook, says "Teams that do not use a defined build process with Ant or similar tools spend an amazing amount of time tracking down problems when code compiles for some developers but fails for others." In Top 15 Ant Best Practices, he compiles the tips he's learned from his own experience, as well as the horror stories of others, to help you get the most from this near-ubiquitous tool.

Benjamin Booth's blog Table or Booth lays down the dirt on the MV/C antipattern: "in real life, subconsciously plowing along with M, then V, then C often leads to MV with little or no decoupled C. Call this MV/C. With controller code woven deeply into your view, it becomes nearly impossible to later switch the view out." He calls for developers to move to an MCV model: build your model, then the controller, and only then code the view.

In Projects and
members of the Embedded Java community looking for new devices to program may be interested in the article Build Your First Blackberry Java App, which shows how to develop not only typical J2ME MIDP apps for the devices, but how to use Blackberry-specific API's.

The Portlet community points to the article The perfect storm for portals saying "The enterprise portal industry stands squarely in the path of three converging forces, any one of which could be devastating. Together, they might be fatal."

Uncle Alice asks about JTabbedPane tab components
in today's Forums.
"First, thank you for adding the "arbitrary tab components" feature to JTabbedPane. Finally we'll have a good answer for all the people who ask in the forums how to add close buttons to their tabs!I've been playing with this feature for several days now, and I'd like to share some issues I've encountered. "

BLBrown asks about Simple build, deploy-sanity. "This is probably directed at the development forum but I just stared, so it is really a newbie mustang question. When I try to compile the mustang source for win. I can't get past a deploy-sanity make error."

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An invitation to share your experiences