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Posted by daniel on April 4, 2005 at 8:16 AM PDT

"You say potato, and I say @potato."

Kirill Grouchnikov reminds us that "annotations were devised to make our lives easier." And yet he points out that they have the ability to conform a POJO [into] Complex New Perl Classes in today's href=""> Weblogs . He outlines how annotations are being used and looks at what we have achieved and concludes that with an explosion of personalized annotations "It becomes impossible to read the code because each field and class has more than 10 annotations attached to them. Java becomes Perl."

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart announces that JAXP 1.3 sources now at Java.Net! Additions available in JAXP 1.3 is the new Schema validation framework, a new API for XPath and "some additional XML Schema Datatypes, support for XInclude, a new reset() method to reuse a parser instance, and a new property to alleviate denial of service attacks."

Fernando Lozano has added to the discussion of How to Make Java Suited For Desktop Apps. He is concerned with the issue of code and class sharing.

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Java Today
, Mark Balbes takes a look at JSR 172, the J2ME Web Services specification, in this months OCI Java News Brief Web Services with Java 2 Micro Edition. He notes that "With the J2ME Web Services API, web service support is built into the device rather than having to be shipped with the application. The advantages are obvious: faster deployment, smaller footprint, and an implementation that is optimized for the device and wireless network. The disadvantage is that if your device doesn't provide support then you are out of luck."

Eclipse offers extraordinary flexibility in extending its capabilities, but "one can't just add widgets to Eclipse's user interface anywhere. It has to be done at specific, named, documented places. These are called extension points." In Eclipse Plugins Exposed, Part 2: Simple GUI Elements, Emmanuel Proulx shows how to get started extending Eclipse with three simple GUI elements: toolbar buttons, menu items, and dialogs.

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, the Jini community's Neon project provides an agent framework for deploying classes that need to use Jini services, without having to write infrastructure code like Discovery for each and every class that needs to utilise Jini services.

The Java Desktop community asks you to take the J2SE Startup and Footprint Performance Survey which is designed to help the J2SE development engineering team determine what to focus on for Mustang (J2SE 6.0).

What about an OS X backport?
In today's Forums, bjb writes "Did anybody of you had contact with Apple to ask them to release their source code diff for OSX with the same kind of license that the J2SE is already pushed ? Doing so, it could ease the port of mustang to OSX. If not, is there anybody that have good contact with apple that could be the negociator. I think that apple could bring lot of value if they join mustang snapshots. "

wangzaixiang provides an example of where you might want Support for access method parameter name.
"Let's see an example:public class MyBean {public void checkUser(String username, String password){ [..]// then a framework could introspect the bean and display a form for the checkUser(some JMX framework already support this), so there is 2 input element, labeled as "username" and "password". This can be the default behavior and with no customization."

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You say potato, and I say @potato