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Posted by daniel on April 1, 2005 at 6:38 AM PST

Is the user the weak link?

Google has ramped up the search wars dramatically by addressing the weakest link in the search chain: the user entering the string to search on. The new Google gulp is "a line of 'smart drinks' designed to maximize your surfing efficiency by making you more intelligent, and less thirsty."

Before heading to the store, check out their FAQ. They poke fun at their GMail invitation only system, fears about Google intruding into your personal life, and questions about their beta/gm labels. Have you seen, or written your own story like this? Tell others in the feedback in our Featured Articles section to our latest article.

In Projects and
now that Write Once Run Anywhere is a reality, the JCP is simplifying compatibility between working groups with the new Write on Solaris Run Anywhere initiative. All JCP members are required to do all of their coding on a Solaris box.

Sun has announced that Duke has been open-sourced under the Java Research License. This is not considered to be a free and open license for mascots according to the FSAF (Free Stuffed Animal Foundation).

Joshua Marinacci asks Why don't you ship Swing apps? in today's href=""> Weblogs . There is already a very active discussion going on - add your thoughts.

The topic of titles has come up again. In John Reynolds' post Engineer, Conductor or Brakeman? he writes "My title is "Architect", but I don't really design things... I figure out how to morph things to make them fit into a constantly evolving master plan. Sometimes I do feel like a railroad conductor, checking "tickets" to make sure that "passengers" (projects) have paid for the right to be on the train. Other times I feel like a symphony conductor, trying to keep the brass section from overpowering the strings section. I never feel like a railroad engineer; a railroad engineer doesn't have to worry whether or not the train will follow the engine (the tracks insist)."

Kito Mann will be presenting a JavaOne BoF on
Exploring the JavaServer Faces Ecosystem
. He plans on leading a "productive discussion about where JSF is now, where it can go, and how everyone can get more involved."

In Also in
Java Today
, Subbu Allamaraju introduces the Web Services for Remote Portlets protocol. Inside WSRP shows how "instead of bundling all your portlets with the portal in a single application, you can choose to deploy your portlets in individual portlet applications, and let the portal consume those portlets using WSRP."

In the JavaWorld article Create and print multilingual PDF documents on the client Manoj Nair "covers dynamically creating and printing multilingual PDF documents [and ] shows you how to convert raw data (from Oracle Database) to XML, which, in turn, is converted to reports in PDF format."

Pelegri comments on the thread Microsoft Releases 'Indigo' Preview
in today's Forums.
"And we are about to release the Early Access of JAX-RPC 2.0 and JAXB 2.0 very soon. We need the community to look at these new specs and provide very good feedback. The Java Community is the main reason why the Java Platforms are succeeding; we need you!"

mreinhold responds to a question about How to build mustang for Darwin [Mac OS X]
"There is a BSD porting project, but the biggest problem with trying to build Mustang on Mac OS X is that first you'll have to port HotSpot to the PowerPC architecture. Not a small project..."

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Is the user the weak link?