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Posted by daniel on April 25, 2005 at 9:21 AM PDT

Improvements to Java source licensing?

Graham Hamilton explains that there are three licenses covering Mustang and says that "Of these three licenses, the JRL is by far the most important for most developers, and is reasonably simple, as licenses go, although it took an amazing number of lawyers to create this simplicity."

Hamilton acknowledges that the key question for developers is "Does looking at source code under the JRL taint me?" Hamilton says the answer is "No" and points to this FAQ and answer:

18. Does the JRL prevent you from being able to create an independent implementation of J2SE?

The JRL is not a tainting license, and includes an express "residual knowledge" clause. Under the JRL, merely looking at Sun's code does not prevent you from being able to create your own independent implementation of J2SE, and in any event, you can terminate the JRL at any time for any reason. So, yes, you can look at Sun source code and then later on go and work on an open-source J2SE implementation.

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Java Today
, Graham let's you know How to Contribute Code to Mustang. He asks if you "Have a bug that has been irritating you for years? A little feature that you have sorely missed? Well now is the time to act! To contribute into J2SE you need to accept the Sun Contributor Agreement. You keep all your rights to use your contribution yourself, so you can reuse you contribution elsewhere, but you also grant Sun rights to incorporate and use your source code contribution."

David Flanagan has found J2SE 5.0 features in need of introduction and advocacy, all this time after 5.0 hit the streets. But while Generics, autoboxing, and annotations have gotten all the attention, there are still gems to be turned up. In Five Favorite Features from 5.0, he writes, "I'll concentrate here on new API features of Java 5.0 that you may not have encountered yet," including a smarter, concurrent alternative to Runnable, five new ability interfaces, the @Override annotation, and more.

Eitan Suez offers his somewhat incoherent, though perhaps interesting musings on languages and apis
in today's href=""> Weblogs . He is connecting the dots in some thoughts on "on programming languages vs programming apis [and] on the relationship between human languages and programming languages."

Graham O'Regan helps steer you through using Ajax and XML-RPC . " Rather than trying to generate your own home-grown xml syntax for Ajax application development, I'm going to show how you can use Java, Ajax with XML-RPC to create Java and Javascript clients for simple web services. "

Vincent Brabant notes that you can now Test your Java code on-line !!! " Do you want to test new features of JDK 6 (codename Mustang) ? But you can't (or you wan't) install it on your PC ? Then, read here how you can do !! "

John Mitchell hacks up a quick bit of code on What does 99.999% reliability really mean? He concludes that in real life "5 9's means less than 5 1/2 minutes of downtime per year. "

In Projects and
, John Mitchell points the release of GCC version 4.0. "with built-in support for the C, C++, Objective-C, Ada, Fortran, and Java programming languages."

Kohsuke Kawaguche blogs on using the XmlAdapter in JAXB RI EA. The XMLAdapter is used to translate between XML and the in-memory representations.

Drichan has good results with The Swing's Gray Rect fix
in today's Forums. " I tested this on Windows 2K with SwingSet and I also set: java.awt.Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().setDynamicLayout(true); So now it appears that dynamically repainting of windows when they resize performs much better also. Is there any chance in making the .setDynamicLayout(true); now that the appearance of repainting of Windows is so much Better."

Yishai adds to the thread on the ignore keyword. "If [an empty catch block] became illegal (there has to be something in the {} bracket besides a comment), I would be all for the ignore statement to replace it. I would also like it if RuntimeException didn't extend Exception, but in both cases the backwards compatability concerns make me quite certain it isn't going to happen."

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Improvements to Java source licensing?