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500 front pages and 20 communities

Posted by daniel on May 11, 2005 at 7:21 AM PDT

Celebrating two milestones

Today is the five-hundredth home page we've published for We're coming up to our second anniversary (we'll announce the annual picture contest tomorrow) in a month but I wanted to take a moment and do some rough estimates. Of course, the cool thing about the future is that there is always much more to be done than has been done already. We've posted one thousand stories from other web sites and a little over eight hundred stories about our projects and communities. We've grown to 138 thousand members and have 1917 hosted projects. Today we add our twentieth community: the JDK community.

As always, thank you for your submissions, comments, forum postings and all the things that make this a fun site to work with each day.

In today's Weblogs, Roger Brinkley announces JDK Community Launched. He writes "The JDK community home page is intended to be a single source for J2SE development information. It will contain featured articles as well as news feeds related to the J2SE development and usage. The navigation toolbar will provide the user with quick links to useful information like the mustang downloads, upcoming events, and community blogs."

Kohsuke Kawaguchi posts
Parsing command line options in JDK 5.0 style: args4j. " Parsing command line options in your program has always been a boring work; you loop through String[] and write a whole bunch of arg.equals("-foo") and arg.equals("-bar"). There are some libraries that attempt to solve this, such as Apache Commons CLI. I tried many of those, but I didn't quite like any of those. I felt that I can write a better one by taking advantanges of JDK 5.0 features. That eventually became args4j."

There's a nice note about an attractive applet gaining attention. Hans Muller blogs Grokker Java applet makes Monday's New York Times business section. He adds, "That's right, an Applet."

In Also in
Java Today
, David Flanagan's updated Java in a Nutshell, 5th Edition covers everything that's new in J2SE 5.0, including the much-touted Generics feature. In the excerpt Generic Types, Part 2, he goes beyond the Generics support in the Collections classes to show how you can create Generic types and methods. He also studies java.lang.Enum and the new version of java.lang.Comparable as examples of thoughtful Generic design.

Marc Fleury blogs on his take on IBM's acquisition of Gluecode in IBM Turns the Guns on Professional Open Source. He sees the move as saying "IBM wants to kill JBoss" as well as it being an attack on BEA and Sun. Yesterday JBoss' Bob Bickel commented on the deal in Big Blue Gets Religion? saying "CIOs want to create strategies around open source. They increasingly trust it to run their core business applications and the technology is available today to support mission-critical deployments." Both posts include the JBoss position on the current status of the Geronimo project. Several Geronimo committers work for Gluecode.

In Projects and
, the
Java WS and XML
community points to Mark Little's blog on A session and context concept for Web Services.

"Collaborate on the core reference implementation of Java technology" in's newly launched JDK community.

Hrstoyanov follows up on JAXB/JAXRPC 2.0 Namespaces control in today's Forums. "Yep, Kohsuke is right - this is for schema generation. Doug promised Sun will put their JAXRPC2.0 house in order next month, so fresh JAXRPC2.0 weeklies will start showing up regularly, similar to the excellent job Kohsuke and Ryan did for JAXB2.0 updates."

Jwenting thinks there will always be Open Source developers
who have a problem with Java. In What do you think
he writes "Under the current system they can already create an open source JVM (and even may call it Java if they can get it to pass the TCK) but they're not interested in that. They're only interested in destroying the Java platform which is taking market share away from their beloved Perl (which ironically is also controlled by a limited group which is less open than the JCP...)."

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Celebrating two milestones