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Introducing AXIOM

Posted by daniel on May 10, 2005 at 8:57 AM PDT

The Axis Object Model

S. W. Eran Chinthaka has written a feature article on Introducing AXIOM: The Axis Object Model. The article introduces the AXIOM architecture which "can be implemented using any programming language that has an implementation of StAX". You build "the XML object model in memory, according to the events pulled from the underlying StAX parser, but will not create the entire object model at once. Instead, it only builds when the relevant information is absolutely required. This builder concept is the key to the most promising feature, the deferred building support for AXIOM." The article then shows you how to get started with AXIOM working through an introductory example.

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Java Today
, Java developer Jason Lee looked over the fence at Ruby on Rails and saw a lot of advantages in its ability to generate code from scripts. "This started me thinking about my current project and how effective I am during my coding day. The 'how much work do I get done versus how much time do I spend trying to get work done' thought has been key in my mind more and more over the past few weeks." His answer: applying XDoclet to the problem. In Quick and Easy Custom Templates with XDoclet, he shows how to combine XDoclet code generation with Spring to get web applications up faster.

Michael Nielsen answers an often asked question about Maven and multiple source trees. He acknowledges that often Maven experts answer the question being asked instead of addressing the question behind the question. He notes that one problem is that "most of the 'Intro's to Maven', as well as the Maven 'genapp"'plugin, only show the 'degenerate' maven project: a single source-tree project." He instead recommends that "the next time someone asks about Maven and 'multiple source trees', please direct the person towards the Maven 'multiproject' plugin." He even provides a quick introduction.

In today's Weblogs, John Bobowicz blogs that launches Partner Network today. He explains the different levels of partnerships available to companies and suggests that you might already be at a level and not getting the benefits.

Joshua Marinacci has revisited his previous post to respond to your feedback on Why don't you ship Swing Apps. He "responds to his previous weblog with good news about the state of Desktop Java and the improvements which will be coming soon." Readers take issue with how he characterizes some of their responses from last time.

Is mobile all the rage again? Ben Galbraith isn't so sure and says so in Ajax, and Mobile Phone Fatigue. Then again, Ben is pretty excited about Ajax right now.

In Projects and
, Eitan Suez has been visiting and speaking at other JUGs and stresses "the importance of communicating with other programmers. if we really care about our craft, we can learn so much from each other."

The Portlet community featuresthe article Use WSRP in a Service-Oriented Architecture, which introduces the use of the WSRP protocol to access web services in order to provide remote content for portlets.

John Reynolds thinks Harmony is a Waste of time and talents... in today's Forums. "This effort is not going to produce anything new, just another implementation with a different license. This is kind of like creating yet another J2EE app server (Geronimo, JOnAS, JBoss, etc.). Do we really need an implementation per license? [...] Those who wish to improve the JDK can do so by joining the Mustang project."

Aaston thinks there are good reasons for the project and thinks that "If the OS vendor's contribute to Harmony, doing the grunge work to build distributions for their specific OSs, then we can get to a place where Java is truly standardized."

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The Axis Object Model