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Happy tenth to PHP

Posted by daniel on June 8, 2005 at 10:46 AM PDT

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I got an email pointing to this ten year old page announcing PHP 1.0. I had no idea that PHP and Java were officially released within weeks of each other. Thanks for passing on the reminder. I can't believe that PHP has been on my list of things to play with for a decade. Sigh, the new shinier toys keep rising to the top of the stack.

Coming soon you'll find Improved Drag Gesture in Swing. You can read about them in today's Weblogs.
Shannon Hickey marks the occasion of his first step into the blogging world by announcing the exciting release of improved Swing drag gesture recognition, one of the most highly requested J2SE bug fixes.

Stanley Ho continues his series of posts with one on
New User Experience in Java Web Start
"The promoted Mustang build 39 contains the initial putback of the new user experience in Java Web Start, and you should download and try it out today! What you see at this point is just a snapshot of what we have been cooking, but it should give you some ideas about the direction we are headed."

Arun Gupta asks Why rethink the Java SOAP stack ?
Steve Loughran and Edmund Smith, from HP Labs, published a paper on "Rethinking the Java SOAP Stack". The paper examines JAX-RPC programming model for Web services. Here I post my comments on the article.

In Also in
Java Today
a recent Core Java Tech Tip "presents several options that have been available in past releases of J2SE to validate text input, including the DocumentFilter class added in the 1.4 release." In Validating text and filtering documents, John Zukowski introduces "validating input at the field level after all input is entered, [and] as the text component content is entered or removed." Finally he shows that since J2SE 1.4 you no longer have " to subclass the Document implementation to restrict the contents of the model, you can use the new DocumentFilter class. You simply attach the DocumentFilter to the AbstractDocument through the setDocumentFilter method. "

Game developers might think of Java 3D as a means of developing their game world, and media APIs like JMF as a way to show "cut scenes," but what about putting the two together? In Playing Movies in a Java 3D World, Part 1, Andrew Davison writes "the ability to play a movie clip inside of a Java 3D scene opens up opportunities for richer, more interesting 3D content. A movie can display more believable backgrounds, such as moving clouds, a busy city street, or the view out of a window." Andrew is also the author of O'Reilly's recently released Killer Game Programming in Java.

In Projects and

in the announcement JXTA-C 2.1.1 Disneyland Beta is available!, Henry Jen asks developers to test against the new beta of JXTA-C, with the final release due on June 14. The announcement also indicates the major bugs being addressed in the beta.

The jPortlet project offers a working prototype of a JSR-168 portlet container. This Portlet Community project features fine-grained security, support for multiple portals, JAAS and Tomcat integration, and sample portlets from Sun and Plumtree.

Forax has an extended post about RowSorter and related classes
in today's Forums. "First I want thank Sun folks to adding sorting and filtering capability to JTable. I suppose that the reason why RowSorter is included in javax.swing and not javax.swing.table, is that RowSorter could be used not only on a JTable but on JList and JTree too, that's great. I have some remarks about the design of RowSorter and the related classes. Let me fisrt write what i think about the current design...

Bruni writes on JAXB and xsd:include (common type libraries across multiple schemas).
"At the beginning, I want to find a solution which doesn't need to modify the original xsd schemas, because overture provides those schemas. After I read this thread, I tried to modify two xsd schemas by replacing 'xs:include' with 'xs:import', but I failed again. It said the imported xsd has the same namespace. Does it mean if I want to import some xsd, the namespace must be different? And at the end, I have to change to xmlbeans, there was no problem. But I hope to use Sun's jaxb some day.

Drichan wants to know What are they Feeding the Mustang Team
Man you guys are rocking lately. In just the last few weeks we have seen:
- Gray Rectangle Flashing Window painting problem Fixes
- SubPixel Anti-Aliasing
- TrayIcon API introduced
- many, many, others
This is all awesome news and bound to make Mustang the best j2se relese ever.

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