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Desperate, But Not Serious

Posted by editor on December 5, 2006 at 7:21 AM PST

Let's ease back with Duke

The holidays are getting close enough that it's hard not to want to start relaxing early... most everyone's had a busy year, and indications are that Java programmers will be even busier in 2007. GPL Java is rife with possibilities, and I've seen a lot of people report a big upswing in recruiter calls. Java remains heavily in-demand. So why not take a break before heading into the next crunch? Apologies, of course, to those still in an end-of-year crunch.

As in years past, we're asking readers to join in a lighthearted holiday tradition of working Duke into your holiday pictures -- lighting the menorah or hanging ornaments on the tree, traveling to interesting places around the world, tagging along for some holiday shopping.

The details are in the Feature Article, Holiday Pictures 2006 , which links to the reader-submitted pictures from 2005,
2004, and
2003. It also points out that with the open-sourcing of the Duke character, by way of the duke project, there's a huge stash of Duke images you can edit into your photos. Or, grab a plushy Duke and pose him in a real-world spot. We're interested to see what you come up with this year.

In Java Today,

Episode 19 of Roumen Strobl's NetBeans podcast features an interview with Bruno Souza, who has joined Sun as a NetBeans community manager.
Bruno is the chairman of SOUJava (probably the
largest Java User Group on Earth with more than 18.000 members), and his new job will be to
to work with NetBeans community and make it larger and even more
successful. You can listen to the podcast by downloading the episode 19 MP3 or by subscribing in iTunes. Note that the interview was actually recorded in early November, before the Open Source Java announcements.

Sun Microsystems recently contributed source to launch Project Shoal, a Java-based dynamic clustering framework. The framework can be employed to build enterprise-quality fault tolerance and reliability applications and is pluggable into any product requiring clustering and related distributed systems functionalities. Shoal is part of the GlassFish community and is a result of collaboration between GlassFish and JXTA communities.

The one hundred-third issue of the JavaTools Community Newsletter is online, with tool-related news from around the web, new tool projects that have joined the community, and a "Tool Tip" on integrating your Ant build scripts with subversion, particularly if you use a continuous integration approach.

Java ME issues head up today's Forums,
James Closs reports a freeze with
Sony Ericsson Phones (e.g. k800) with 'camera' softkeys:
"I've just had a QA report that one of my titles is freezing when the top softkeys that take you to the camera images on various SE phones are pressed. I checked - and it's actually happening across *all* my titles (all the ones tested anyway)!! Does anyone know what actually happens in the KVM when these keys are pressed? Anything odd that goes on?"

Meanwhile, olaf_razzoli is interested in the status of the
CDC Windows port:
"I would like to know if the porting of the CDC for X86 and Windows 2000 (as reported in the cdc_porting_guide.pdf, table 3.6) will be available as open source. I presume a similar version can be derived from the Linux porting currently available, but if such a port already exists I think it would be helpful."

In the SwingLabs thread, Kleopatra offers some help
Re: the battle of the highlighters:
"FYI, I started a wiki page on Highlighter basics (not much in there yet except links to past discussions - if somebody feels like filling the gaps, go ahead and a comparison of default renderer implementation details (beware, some are dirty!) That damned hack kept cruising in the back of my mind, knocking occasionally on the front door making me severely unhappy. As I hate to be unhappy, I gave it another try."

David Van Couvering makes the case for Web 2.0 Without the Browser in today's Weblogs, in which he offers
"a modest proposal that we look at ways to deliver Web 2.0 functionality that does not depend on the browser and the limitations it brings."

Eitan Suez has That Open Source Feelin':
"A public thank you to Sun Microsystems for choosing to side with its community, to side with the open-source community on Java."

Finally, the open-sourcing of Joshua Marinacci's bag-o-tricks continues in
Free Projects Part 3: SketchPad:
"Last week's project So far the response to my free projects has been positive. There was a question about why I put the strange requirement of having to create a project to get the code. The simple reason is because I thought it was funny. Now, on to this week's project."

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Let's ease back with Duke