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Five to One

Posted by editor on December 14, 2006 at 10:38 AM PST

Running late again...

OK, late blog today... sorry about that. It's been a weird week, getting ready for the holidays and wrapping up work for the year. O'Reilly accounting naturally wants to close their books before the company's holiday break, so all us editors have to resolve all our billable business this week. Add to that the deadline for JavaOne proposals (more on this in a minute), and it seems a week of urgent little tasks.

I did dinner last night with author and blogger Jonathan Simon, who has started a new full-time programming gig here in Atlanta, though he'll apparently be primarily working remote from Phoenix. This is one of those arrangements that's becoming increasingly common: O'Reilly is headquartered in California, but the last two editors have been in the Eastern time zone (Daniel in Cleveland and me in Atlanta), and if you keep up with the prolific Joshua Marinacci, you'll recall he announced he is moving to Oregon, where he'll be a remote member of the NetBeans team.

Best reason to work from home? Avoiding the Atlanta commute. It took Jonathan almost an hour to drive 15 miles on the top end of I-285 at 6:30PM (anyone from Atlanta is probably thinking "only an hour?"). By comparison, my morning commute takes about two minutes: grab contact lenses, walk down the foyer steps, dodge the squeaky step (to avoid waking the kids), grab a Coke Zero, head down the basement steps, turn right at the Cowboy Bebop wallscroll, turn right again at the couch, flip on the heat, flip on the lights, wake up the G5.

I'd mentioned the JavaOne session proposal deadline, and in today's Weblogs, Annette