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Some Guys Have All the Luck

Posted by editor on December 19, 2006 at 7:30 AM PST

Fun goings-on at end-of-year conferences

As much as we've been talking about JavaOne 2007 because of last week's proposal deadline, it's easy to forget there are some December conferences to close the book on 2006. Last week was the JavaPolis conference in Antwerp, overlapping in its last days with the beginning of The Spring Experience in Hollywood, Florida.

We're highlighting some blogs from these conferences in today's Weblogs section. Actually, it's worth mentioning that there's more than would fit on our front page, so for further reading, you might want to check out Chet Haase's brief report on speaking at JavaPolis. And to start building out your conference schedule for 2007, Ben Galbraith has an update on his "Desktop Matters" conference.

Let's start with Eamonn McManus'
The Spring Experience 2006 (2), which conintues his recap of the conference:
"Following on from my previous entry, some notes from the sessions I attended at the rest of the conference, including my own, with miscellaneous remarks about airports, trains, hotels, and raison d'tat."

Hans Muller's session was atypical in the extreme, as he reports in
Javapolis Session Interrupted by Marriage Proposal:
"This year I gave a session at Javapolis about the Swing Application Framework. Before it was all over, there was a surprise announcement."

And in a look back to one of JavaOne's most popular sessions, Scott Violet shows off the
Extreme List View:
"In my last blog we finally released the source for this years Extreme GUI Makeover talk; hooray! There are a number of aspects of the app that are worth exploring. For this blog, I want to explore how the extreme list view was done."

In Java Today,
the Java 3D Project has released version 1.5.0 of their 3D graphics API. "The Java 3D API provides a set of object-oriented interfaces that support a simple, high-level programming model you can use to build, render, and control the behavior of 3D objects and visual environments" 1.5.0's new features include a JOGL Rendering Pipeline, support for non-power-of-two textures, NIO image buffer support for textures, a prototype lightweight JCanvas3D utility and more. You can download 1.5.0 from the project's release builds page.

The Java Tutorials' blog answers the question Why is Swing Called Swing? "Since I started at Sun in June of '99 I only recalled that Swing was used as the code name and it stuck. So I asked Jeff Dinkins, one of the original Swing engineers and former manager of the Swing team. Here is the story, from Jeff."

After talking with JUG-Leaders all over the world, Ahmed Hashim of the Egyptian Java Users Group suggests points on How to make a Successful Java User Group. If you have an inactive user group, or when you are going to establish a new user group, check out these tips.

In today's Forums,
pohl has some concerns about
JPA and clustering:
"But this got me to thinking: what about a clustered environment? If I have two servers, and one of them changes an entity row that exists as a cached entity on the other server, then the same situation can result, right? Does the clustering in v2 keep JPA caches syncronized? If so, what would I need to do? If not, then should I be avoiding JPA?"

peppertech is trying to track down a jMaki
permission denied error:
"I need a bit of a kick in the right direction. I have created a very simple jMaki project in Netbeans and have deployed it to a Resin server that my Hosting provider is using. The pages starts to display in the browser but then stops before it renders the dojo.clock and dojo.according widgets with an error of... "uncaught exception: Permission denied to call method". I'm sure this is something that my hosting provider has messed up on their end (I've had to work around a lot of things with this stupid Resin server) but I don't know where this would be getting called in the code."

Finally, the JavaOne 2007 planning forum has added a topic for discussing the Community Corner, and bboyes writes:
"Robotics will be here with posters, live demos (including wireless sensors and SunSPOTs this year), and mini talks. We've made a couple of session submissions, both involving open-source code hosted at So we think it's going to be possibly the best JavaOne ever. One reason is that we actually started on all this a couple of months ago (I know that seems hard to believe). We'll plan to have some demos running at the Monday night reception. Look forward to seeing you all there!"

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Fun goings-on at end-of-year conferences