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The First Crash is the Deepest

Posted by editor on December 21, 2006 at 7:29 AM PST

Let's pretend yesterday never happened

Depending on when you looked at the front page yesterday, you may have seen new content in the center column, or Tuesday's items, or some stuff from June.

Sorry about that.

What happened is that coincident to a CollabNet maintenance window, and apparently unrelated to it, our app server and database had a bad crash. Rebuilding the db left us with no data newer than June. So, the team decided that the best remaining option was to roll back to our last backup, which was from late Tuesday. Unfortunately, this means that some content on the "O'Reilly side" of the site -- forums, blogs, news items, community page content -- posted late Tuesday or before Wednesday's crash, have been lost. We're sorry about that, and we're having a meeting later today to post-mortem the crash.

Today's page re-uses some of the items that were on Wednesday's lost page (which was up for only a few hours before the crash), but the forum messages I had highlighted are gone, so we have different forum postings. Also, I updated the story about the QuickTime for Java security hole with new links about that story.

Check back tomorrow for a fully-refreshed page, including Duke's Holiday Pictures.

In Java Today,
the 1.0 release of Project Looking Glass, the Java-based 3D desktop, has been announced and is available for download as "mega-bundles" (including the JDK and Java3D) for Windows, Solaris, and Linux, and as a standalone install for Ubuntu, general x86 Linux, and Solaris. If you're new to Looking Glass, you can get some guidance from the guides Getting started with the Project Looking Glass Developer's Release or Running the Project Looking Glass Developer's Release on Microsoft Windows.

MacSlash notes Apple's release of Security Update 2006-008 which fixes a vulnerability involving Quartz Composer and QuickTime for Java. "This is a particularly fun bug. Quicktime for java is available to unsigned applets with certain restrictions. Until today, those didn't include restrictions on quartz composer movies. That means that the trick that's been floating around the web which displays live iSight footage in a web page can actually be used to send the user's picture up to the server that hosts the movie" MacSlash links to a demonstration of the flaw, and an O'Reilly Network blog has source for an equivalent exploit.

The article Google Deprecates SOAP Search API reports that "Google has deprecated its SOAP Search API, withdrawing one of the most prominent examples of Web service usage on the Internet. The remaining AJAX Search API is only a partial replacement." The article also points out feedback from some around the web, including Steve Loughran's claim that this represents the beginning of The End of SOAP.

Is everyone switching teams? First it was Joshua Marinacci, now it's David Van Couvering who announces he's Moving to NetBeans in today's Weblogs, saying: "I'm moving over from the database group to NetBeans - focusing on, you guessed it, databases!"

Evan Summers kicks off a new series in
Hyper Beans 1: Hyper Style:
"This series is about defining, styling and/or generating documents and reports, using Java code, eg. as an alternative to XML or even HTML/CSS templates, even though the primary target is usually HTML/CSS. But later we wanna output PDF also, maybe LaTeX for articles , and Excel is really great for reports , and of course we wanna support ODF cos it's nice, and OpenOffice cos it's nice too."

Following up Tuesday's set of conference-related blogs, Felipe Gaucho talks up
Jazoon - open space for innovative projects:
"The first edition of Jazoon is an open space for innovation. The conference is calling for papers, asking the community expectations and waiting your participation."

In today's Forums,
diod would like his Java application to
Detect user logout or system shutdown:
"Is it somehow possible to detect when a user logs out from its operating system or when the system is shutting down? Reason for asking is that I want a scheduled task to be performed when one of these events occurs. I have taken a look at Runtime.addShutdownHook but the API says the following: "When the virtual machine is terminated due to user log off or system shutdown the underlying operating system may only allow a fixed amount of time in which to shut down and exit.""

m_gorshenev discusses testing in the thread
Re: Alexey Popov's blog on Java ME Testing tools:
"AMS behavior is one of the areas where testing has been hard to automate. For example, MIDP OTA specification requires a fair amount of interactive testing. Some of the newer JSRs (e.g. CHAPI) define more complex semantics for the AMS for which new testing approaches will be required. These will need to be generic enough to cover CLDC and CDC stack application models. We plan to work on the solutions in the future versions of ME framework."

ganeshpol is using JAI and wants to know
How to Join two images:
"i have to do following things. i have 2 images one which is something like header (something like logo of company which will present at the top of resultant image eg nike or coke logo ) and other with actual content (eg like nike shoe image or coke colddrink image). how should i achieve this with the help of JAi? other thing is that resultant image must be of 176X208 size with every pixel is of 8 bit"

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Let's pretend yesterday never happened