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People, Get, Ready

Posted by editor on January 8, 2007 at 7:10 AM PST

Getters, setters, dot-operators, arrows, and other property offenses

With the closure proposal lying low recently, and the early draft of the Java Module System (JSR 277) having come and gone from its public comment period, another topic has taken center stage in the JDK 7 language debate: properties. Well, not the properties themselves, per se, but the getting and setting of them. Handled well, a consistent approach could be both human-readable and machine-readable, reducing the boilerplate typing of the current JavaBeans conventions while allowing (but hopefully not requiring?) IDEs, visual GUI builders, and similar tools to set up everything for the programmer.

Devil's in the details, of course. Various proposals are bouncing around the blogosphere, bringing plaudits and hackles about syntactic sugar, C# envy, featuritis and other code smells. Not that that's a bad thing -- it's ideal that the Java community is having this argument now, not after JDK 7 comes out and lots of developers suddenly get buyer's remorse over the final implementation (which is how a lot of people feel about the way that generics went down).

The properties puzzle tops today's Weblogs, as Rémi