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Posted by editor on January 11, 2007 at 8:37 AM PST

We apologize for the inconvenience...

A software upgrade Tuesday night has proven to be quite troublesome, as it has led to a number of backend problems that have temporarily broken some of our publishing services. Specifically, our systems for pushing content onto the front page and the community pages are currently down.

Of course, the problem is being worked on and we hope to have things working again as soon as possible.

Most of the site is unaffected. Projects, blogs, and forums are still working as usual.

For those of you who use this blog as an RSS view of the site, here are a few recent items of interest:


Evan Summers - Gotcha Property Descriptor
Property Descriptors are well important, and as Richard Bair suggests, should be easier to get at. I do hope to see something like Person@surname in the Java language at some point eg. to reference properties for beans binding, as first class citizens.
Kohsuke Kawaguchi - Hudson 1.72 and new remoting infrastructure
I posted version 1.72 of Hudson, an extensible continuous integration engine. In this release is the new remoting infrastructure that allows Hudson to handle a large build machine cluster.
Edgar Silva - Ajax, but without JavaScript : AWESOME!
This post shows a solution to create an ajax solution using pure Java language and some components, enabling a real easy RIA.

Forum postings

mthornton - Reserved words
A common feature of many recent language proposals is the use of symbols merely to avoid the disruptive effect of designating a new reserved word. Most of us will remember the irritations caused by the addition of assert and enum. Adding something like property would be far worse --- how would you call a method called property in existing code that you could not change?
oakidoaki - Re: Java7 anti-features
The whole point of properties is to make the developers life easier by cleaning up the code and ridding him of repetitive typing. I see nothing wrong with that. I hate writing getters and setters. My IDE generates them for me, sure, but I even hate seeing them inside my classes or even thinking about them. Some variables are just made for getters and setters. Knowing this, why not just declare them "properties" and forget about them?
damnhandy - Re: Java on the Mac
Java is supported on Mac OS X. However, it is supported by Apple, not Sun. Apple has made thir own JDKs under a license from Sun. The releases are generally a few maintence versions behind the current Sun release. Java 6 is still only available as a preview release while Java 5 is based on 1.5.0_06-68. The developer releases are freely available at, but are still under an NDA. Don't expect Java 6 to run on Mac OS X until Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
Chris B - Capturing stack trace
Is there any way to catch the stack trace from a thrown exception? I was reading JSR-139 - Public Review Comments - class Throwable (alt System). Was this ever sorted? How am I going to debug a generalised nullpointerexception: 0 which I'm getting on the phone without seeing the stack?

Again, sorry for the interruption; we will resume our usual content as soon as possible.

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