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All Rise

Posted by editor on March 20, 2007 at 10:49 AM PDT

More graduations, more new projects

Sorry for the late page update and blog today -- the DSL was down at the home office, connectivity wasn't much better at the sandwich shop, and while it's now back on at home, it's dog slow and timing out as often as it connects. All of which makes researching links and putting up the page really difficult.

We do have something of a theme on the front page, though, as two community home pages independently gave props to graduations in their communities. These are highlighted in the

Java Today section, starting with
the springmodules project, which has graduated fom the incubator to a Java Enterprise project. The project contains modules, add-ons and integration tools to extend the Spring Framework. The core goal of Spring Modules is to facilitate integration between Spring and other projects without cluttering or expanding the Spring core.

Congratulations also go out to project JeNet, for its promotion out of the Communications incubator. JeNet is an all Java implementation of the eNet network
protocol. Among its features, it is 100% Java (no native libaries), UDP based, offers reliable/unreliable and sequenced/unsequenced packet sending, is content agnostic and fully interoperable with the original eNet library

Also in Java Today,
the Java Community Process site has undergone a major reorganization and redesign. The new site allows users to register and track JSR's of importance to them on a "My JSR's" page, and participate in discussions about JSR's. The site also allows users to join the JCP directly via online forms, rather than the previous system of mailing or faxing forms to the program office. More details on the new site's features are available in the news release The New is Here.

In our Feature Article, Masoud Kalali takes a look at

JavaDB End-to-End Security. "JavaDB, as an open source and pure Java relational database, provides several features that make it suitable for embedded and network server mode. One of these features is JavaDB mechanisms to make it secure on several levels. If you are going to build an application using JavaDB and security is important, then this article is for you."

In today's Weblogs, Fabrizio