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Posted by editor on March 28, 2007 at 6:46 AM PDT least until the presentation gets boring

Some of the bloggers are talking about TheServerSide's recent Java symposium, and it's interesting to see the significant divergence of opinions.
We start off with Gregg Sporar, whose TheServerSide Java Symposium - Las Vegas reports:

"I spent most of last week in Las Vegas at TheServerSide Java Symposium. It was well done and informative."

The thorough thumbs-up in Gregg's blog contrasts with the mixed review from Zarar Siddiqi, in A look back at The ServerSide Java Symposium 2007:

Most of the speeches were tin-canned and delivered a thousand times before but if you've never heard it, its new to you, right? That's the optimist in me talking. There were some talks which could cure insomnia (Nati Shalom) while others entertained and informed (Brian Goetz - Java Performance Myths), but most fell into the category of "Here's a product X, it does A and B and it's good for people who are doing C". Maybe I'm being naive and not critical enough but at least that's what I got out of the talks.

Those looking to round out their reviews with a complete slam of the conference can seek out Hani Suleiman's off-site BileBlog entry, which is pretty much what you'd expect it to be.

Finishing up today's Weblogs,
Kohsuke Kawaguchi announces
Hudson 1.91 and FishEye/ViewVC integration:
"I just posted Hudson 1.91, which supports source code repository browsers like FishEye and ViewVC."

We top off the Java Today section with an important announcement: will be down for 24-48 hours on April 4 for an upgrade to the latest edition of CollabNet's Community Edition software, as described on an upgrade page The upgrade will offer better performance, online authoring of project pages, and updates such as Subversion 1.4.3. You can test the new site on the staging server by adding "stage." before the "dev." in your project URL; note that you'll be looking at a snapshot of your project from a few weeks ago. If you find a bug on the staging server, report it via the upgrade page and you could win one of two iPods. Finally, for those who want to discuss the upgrade, we'll have a WebEx meeting today (March 28) at 10 AM PDT.

The jmin project describes itself as a "mini" Java EE server, whose purpose is to share understanding and design concepts for application servers. " At present, we find some implementations inside other application servers are very complex and very difficult to catch the whole flow. Here, our goals are not only affording a very simple implementation [of Java EE], but also providing the design documents, so that it is easy to read by general java programmers."

A recent blog by Martin Fowler describes the remarkable choice of eBay to go Transactionless. "For most people, coming into a transactionless environment is quite a shock. Using transactions is a very accepted part of working with databases. A lot of people, including myself, see transactions as one of the key benefits that databases give you." Artima notes the blog and offers a space for follow-up discussion.

In today's Forums,
Jamey Wood has a major announcement in
GlassFish Wiki Migration: Friday, March 30.
"We're planning some maintenance for the GlassFish wiki. We'll be moving to a more powerful server and a newer version of JSPWiki (both of which should be mostly invisible to users and editors), plus migrating to a new URL (obviously, a more visible change). The new URL, which has been chosen to better align with the rest of our web presence, will be: It's already accessible for testing, with a snapshot of content. You're encouraged to go ahead and try out anything which you're concerned could break in the migration. If you do find anything, please let me know so that we can get it fixed before the switch."

kaam is looking for a
Thumb compiler:
"Does phoneME supports thumb bytecode compilation (ENABLE_THUMB_COMPILER) ? A comment says it's not a supported feature. Is it still true ? Is there a performance penalty to use the ARM bytecode compiler when the memory system is 16 bits ? Also, what are the supported combination of VM compilation and bytecode compiler ?"

Joshua Marinacci has guidance for working with SwingX painters and Matisse, in
Re: JXTree 'Nag' Renderer/Highlighter/Painter:
"The tricky part is that Matisse only works with beans. This means you must create a bean for your stack of painters, then add it to the palette, then add it to your form. Then you can visually set the painter property of your components to be the painter bean you've added to the form. Cumbersome but it works."

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