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With Or Without You

Posted by editor on March 26, 2007 at 7:50 AM PDT

Joining us in the booth for some mini-talks?

Traffic is picking up on the sign-ups for mini-talks at the booth on the JavaOne 2007 pavilion floor. That's good. What's not so good is that some of the recent sign-ups haven't followed the directions to provide a link to the presenters' people pages and provide an abstract. The abstract is particularly important because not only does it help in approving a session, we also plan to use these descriptions in the podcast feed this year, meaning that what you type here is going on to lots of peoples' iPods.

The abstracts only need to be a paragraph or so, and can either be uploaded or posted as new wiki pages. Check out the abstracts for mini-talks on RIFE, Jarvis, or Keaton (bias disclosure: my mini-talk) for an example.

Anyways, we'll probably blow out the incomplete sign-ups in the next few days, freeing up more space for more sessions. So, if you didn't post an abstract or link to your people page, please do so now. And everyone else who'd like to do a mini-talk, take a look at the schedule. Thursday remains wide open, but spots on Wednesday and Thursday are already going fast.

We've made this Community Corner remidner this week's Spotlight again, to help remind people of our JavaOne activities. The booth at JavaOne 2007 will be your place to meet up with fellow project members and community leaders, and check out the mini-talks. Also, we'll have a running slide-show of pictures, such as photos of project members and teams, screenshots, meetups, etc. If you'd like to add a photo from your project to the slideshow, just follow the directions.

In Java Today,
Issue 115 of the Java Tools Community Newsletter is out, with tool-oriented news from around the web, welcomes to four new projects in the community, and a Tool Tip on setting up Cenqua FishEye for tracking your project and providing reports.

As announced in Jasper Potts' blog, the new Nimbus project offers a spec for the new Nimbus look-and-feel for Swing. "Nimbus is the name of a look-and-feel designed by Sun for the Java Desktop System; it's implemented as a GTK theme in the latest Solaris 11 pre-release builds. In 2007, Sun's Swing Team and Ben Galbraith jointly launched an open-source project to implement the Nimbus specifications as a Swing look-and-feel."

Elliotte Rusty Harold has kicked off a discussion on his blog about What Java Still Can't Do after six major versions. "It's hard to believe that more than a decade after Java was released, there are still so many tasks it can't do. I'm not just talking about things it can't do well, but about things that you just can't do without shelling out to native code." His initial list of inabilities includes FireWire, raw IP, ICMP, raw ethernet, burning and ripping CD's and DVD's, and copying and moving files with metadata.

In today's Weblogs.
David Herron digs into

OpenJDK processes and artifcatual ponderings:
"While getting ready to release the full OpenJDK project (due "in the Spring 2007" as we said at FOSDEM) it's giving us an opportunity to go through the processes and workflows the Java SE team has developed in the 12 or so years this project has existed."

ab considered harmful? That's what Scott Oaks says:
"ab is popular as a tool to measure appserver performance, but it is clearly the wrong tool for the job."

Finally, Roberto Chinnici's
Running JRuby "servlets" on Phobos shows
"how to run servlet-like JRuby scripts on top of Phobos."

In today's Forums,
catkins would like to know
How to Incrementally Publish in GlasssFish:
"Every publish requires a complete build a redeploy of my ear. Is there a way, in glassfish, to incrementally deploy. For example, in JBoss and Resin you can deploy "exploded" and replace individual files (jsp, servlet, etc.) and the application server will integrate the changed file into the running application on the fly. Can you do that with glassfish? If so, how long would it take an average programmer, like myself, to upgrade the plugin to deploy exploded? My ear is over 200MB. Every little change requires a grueling build and deploy."

dave_scullion has an interesting idea for a JXTA project,
Improving Rendezvous With Semantic Routing: Question on feasibility.
"I am implementing a prototype project that uses semantics to improve routing (and searching) in P2P networks and wish to question the role of Rendezvous peers as they stand, and how they can be improved. What I am envisaging (and part way through implementing) is a network where every peer on the network advertises its 'interests' on the network and only connects to peers with similar interests. The purpose of this is to aid searching in the P2P network, as each peer/user holds documents/files relating to their advertised interests."

For anyone keen on doing the work for someone else's dissertation, skolob could use some
help with image display:
"Can anyone tell me where to find resources on getting images from a database to display on a Jpanel? It is part of my dissertation where i am writing an application to produce a network diagram after the user has selected hardware from a database.I will like to display the images from the database with a circular line from the server through the workstations back to the server with all the hardware absolutely placed on the JPanel.Help with example code to do this will be highly appreciated.Work is due in anytime now and have been struggling with these for weeks now."

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Joining us in the booth for some mini-talks?