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JavaOne 2007 Day Four

Posted by editor on May 11, 2007 at 7:29 AM PDT

TV Day at JavaOne

Thursday, JavaOne had a track set aside just for Java-based TV technologies, offering the TV track as a stand-alone conference of its own for those not otherwise participating in JavaOne. Still, it seemed by a show of hands in one session that most of the attendees in these IPTV, OCAP, and Blu-Ray sessions were software developers, presumably regular JavaOne attendees, peering over the fence at a new and not widely discussed niche of Java development.

And boy is the grass greener over there. While Java SE media struggles to get its act together after a decade, the message from the TV side -- and specifically from spokespeople from Sun, Technicolor, Sony, Disney, etc. -- was "if you can write Java ME, and you have any interest in this stuff, there's a job waiting for you."

Key point here is that said jobs are with established, big companies. The barriers to entry to developing Blu-Ray and IPTV content remain exceptionally high to the independent developer: no public SDK, US$100,000 for a copy of the Blu-Ray spec, etc. But this year, in sharp contrast to previous years, the speakers had clearly gotten the message that there is a significant interest in this stuff among parts of the Java community, and they clearly need more developers to create compelling apps and toolkits to speed title development. This topic is one of my personal interests and pet peeves, so I'll have more to say on it later in my personal blog. For now, let's just say that JavaOne TV Day was real eye-opener for many involved, on both sides of the panel tables.

I've highlighted a few of the TV Day blogs at the top of today's page, but of course, there was much more going on at the show, as the broad variety of links illustrates:

Coming up today: James Gosling's toy show, the final sessions, and the end of JavaOne 2007.

TV Day at JavaOne