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411 And A Joke

Posted by editor on August 31, 2007 at 10:30 AM PDT

Vintage video of Duke, Gosling, and "Green"

While it's the topic-du-jour to mock Nokia's iPhone rip-off, as well as others, some of those doing the joking seem to assume that it was Apple that brought touchscreens and animation to the mobile communications device. As it turns out, the iPhone was a little late to the party.

Like, 15 years late.

In a new weblog, James Gosling takes us back to check out The Green UI:

I was having a conversation the other day with someone about touch screens, gesture languages, physics in UI actuators, transition animations, and all sorts of other cool stuff in the iPhone UI. It got me cranked up about a project we had done at Sun years ago. Fortunately, we had made a video of it in 1992 that I managed to find a copy of.

His blog embeds and links to a 1992 video that discusses and shows off the GUI. It's a 141 MB MPEG-1 file, so those of you with slow connections -- say, anyone trying to read it with an iPhone over the AT&T Edge network, ironically enough -- will have to do without (I also imagine that the IT department is going to have a coronary when they get the bandwidth bill for all these random blog readers pulling a 141 MB file, but I digress).

It's certainly novel to see the expressiveness of the Duke-centric GUI, and while the form factor they show isn't much better than that of a brick, it's clear they had some neat ideas in this project, whose development eventually produced what would become Java. More info on this in A Brief History of the Green Project, part of the open-source Duke project.

Also in today's Weblogs,
Inderjeet Singh updates us with NetBeans module for Java SDK for Google Checkout APIs released.
"This blog announces the release of a NetBeans module that provides wizards for integrating Google Checkout APIs in a Web application."

In a bit of Friday silliness, Volker Simonis proclaims
Top-secret "-Xintelligent_as_can_be_execution" option revealed!
"Recently I did some benchmarking with the HotSpot and because my program was obviously too slow, I began to browse the HotSpot sources for some secret tuning parameters that could save my day. And indeed, after some digging, I found a real big fish: the "-Xintelligent_as_can_be_execution" option."

Our final JavaOne Community Corner Podcast is on the feed today. This was a talk that we weren't able to get into the schedule on the last day, so we recorded it in the booth after the actual closing of the Pavilion. In a way, it's like a bonus track hidden at the end of a CD, and in this case, the podcast subscribers will be the first to hear
j1-2k7-mtH11: SunSPOTs and Squawk technology, in which Arshan Poursohi
introduces the SunSPOT program for tiny wireless sensing devices and the Squawk JVM that runs on it.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Community Corner at JavaOne 2007. We have linked all the talks from the Community Corner wiki page to their podcast article pages, by ID number, so if you missed your talk when it went out on the feed, you can follow the link to the article page and on to the MP3. There are a few talks that are known no-shows, and thus there is no audio because there was no talk. There's also a 13-minute long silent track from Wednesday that came back on the digital recorder, but since all of Wednesday's talks are accounted for, this may represent the recorder accidentally being left on between talks.

In Java Today,

Kohsuke Kawaguchi announces a GlassFish v3 Public Mercurial Repository in a recent blog. "Today I'm happy to announce that the read-only GlassFish v3 source code repository is available at You can check out the repository by running:
hg clone glassfish_v3

In the latest interview with, Tor Norbye uses NetBeans IDE 6.0 to develop an integrated Java desktop CRUD and Ruby on Rails application. Tor highlights the code completion and live templates features of the Java and Ruby editors, the Rails code generator, and the IDE's JUnit module.

The latest edition of the JavaTools Community Newsletter, Issue 136, rounds up tool related news from around the web, puts out a call for participation in the Women in Java group, welcomes one new project to the community (JavaIDE), and offers a Tool Tip on verifying JavaScript code with JSLint.

The latest Poll asks "What percentage of your workday do you spend coding?" Cast your vote on the front page, then visit the results page for current tallies and discussion.

We were reminded of a number of upcoming Sun Tech Days events that may be of interest to those of you in the next cities to host the event. The Sun Tech Days program is designed to educate developers in local markets on various technologies. The events are typically a two-day format and include hands on education, university training, community programs and technical sessions. Attend an upcoming session:

In today's Forums,
Gail Risdal is seeking your input on a
User FAQ for GlassFish v2.
"I'm a technical writer working on the creation of a user-focused FAQ page for GlassFish v2 and I'd like your input. I'll certainly search the archives for "How do I..." or "How to do x..." types of questions, but I'd love to hear from you regarding the questions you'd like to see answered on just such a page. What are the top questions and issues you run into, for which having an FAQ would be especially helpful? This User FAQ will obviously be a work in progress and the hope is that you'll add FAQs of your own once the initial page is up and running. The goal is to have at least a basic page with some of the top questions in place for v2 FCS in mid-September."

tdanecito reports serious problems embedding a native browser in
Re: JDIC TEAM HELP! JDIC Does not run on Vista.
"I could not get the open source JDIC project's web browser component to work in Vista using Web Start but it works great from eclipse on Vista. Turning on debug for JDIC WebBrowser component I discovered that a nio socket was opened by the component to the IE browser but data never came back when the browser was sent a command even though there was a socket opened without exceptions to the IE browser. Going further I discovered the jnlp when launched from the Web Start console in Vista works just fine. So I tried deleteing the shortcut to the web start installed application then installed the shortcut from the Web Start console and still had the same issue using the web start console generated shortcut."

Finally, karanvpraba could use help with a strategy for
Extracting Client IP address in EJB endpoint:
"Can any one suggest me to get the client IP address from EJB endpoint. I am using EJB as WebService Endpoint. For one of my requirement, I should extract the WebService-Client IP Address. Is there any way to extract it?"

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Vintage video of Duke, Gosling, and "Green"