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Feels Like the First Time

Posted by editor on September 17, 2007 at 8:39 AM PDT

Awaiting the debuts of GlassFish v2 and NetBeans 6 beta

After a long time in development, and an escalating series of pre-releases, this looks to be the week that we see major releases from the GlassFish and NetBeans projects. Everything's vapor until it ships, of course, but even the major industry magazines like eWeek are spotlighting the anticipated release of GlassFish v2 and the NetBeans 6 beta.

As part of the event, this week's Spotlight is on the latest Ask the Expert session, which is about GlassFish v2. The new version "builds on the quality and feature richness of the initial GlassFish application server implementation, GlassFish V1, to provide higher value-add features for the enterprise. Got a question about GlassFish V2? Post it during the week of September 17 on the Ask the Experts page and get answers from GlassFish experts Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart, John Clingan, Sridatta Viswanath, Scott Oaks, and Dhiru Pandey."

In Java Today,
the Aquarium has a GlassFish v2 Launch RoundUp entry to collect items of interest related to the launch. Initial links of interest include an overview of features, related blogs, and news coverage from eWeek, InfoWorld, and more.

A new SDN series by John O'Conner starts off with an entry on Exploring JavaFX Script. He writes, "JavaFX Script was announced at the 2007 JavaOne Conference in May. The technology is still very new, but Sun Microsystems and the community are making dramatic progress each week. So it is a good time to get involved with the language. It has progressed enough that you can actually download and use it. Several beautiful demo applications exist, showing the possibilities of this language."

InfoQ tracks a series of blog posts and responses that debate the question Has JPA Killed the DAO? A blog by Adam Bien suggests the DAO pattern is no longer interesting, but followups, including one from magle argue that using EntityManagers directly instead using DAOs can lead to such anti-patterns as mixing application logic with business logic and violates the single responsibility principle.

In today's Weblogs, Kohsuke