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Posted by editor on September 27, 2007 at 11:22 AM PDT

How to reduce the gap between your interests and our activities

So, Josh Marinacci did something remarkably open and democratic a few weeks back. In a blog, he said, you vote for your favorite article and I'll write it. Today, he's back and reports that The votes are in:

Before I get to the results themselves I must say that I was quite surprised by the response. 34 comments with some very good suggestions. I'm glad to see that there is such passion in these topics.

So here's the breakdown (and please correct me if I miscounted) :

  • Graphic Design for Engineers: 18
  • Intro to Painters: 14
  • JavaFX Script: 10
  • JXMapViewer: 8
  • Swing App & Beans Binding in NetBeans: 7
  • Nice feedback with Drag and Drop in Java 6.0: 2
  • 1 each for JNLP'd Derby driven app and some stuff with lucene / solr / hibernate

Given these results, I imagine I'll be hearing from Josh with a proposal/outline about graphic design soon, followed by Painters. An interesting point on the latter -- Josh proposed this a while back, and my reply was "OK, but is SwingX [which is where Painters come from] in any way serious about getting to a 1.0 release someday?" My thought was that people wouldn't be super enthusiastic about investing in an API that seems unlikely to be production-ready anytime soon. The fact that Painters came in second in Josh's poll suggests that a lot of Swing users are ready to dig into Painters, regardless of SwingX's status. Point, Josh.

Anyways, this is an interesting experiment for Josh to take on, and I'd like to build on this spirit of openness and ask everyone: are there specific, topics you'd like to see new feature articles on? Let us know, either in comments here or in an e-mail to cadamson [at] I'll add topics to the wish list portion of the writer's guide, the wish list being due for an update anyways.

Also, if you have an update about your project that you'd like to see on the front page, e-mail me directly or use the submit content form.

Also in today's Weblogs,
Brian Leonard shows off an interesting technique for using
Rails and JPA (Instead of ActiveRecord).
"Out of sheer morbid curiosity, I wondered what it would take to replace ActiveRecord with JPA in the classic blog demo. After discussing the concept with a developer I met at RailsConf last week, I decided to go ahead and publish my results."

In No tabs? Yes, you ARE nuts!, Osvaldo Pinali Doederlein stands up for little old 0x09: "Kelly O'Hair informs the OpenJDK source repository is about to be cleaned out of tab characters... too bad! Here is a small utility to help programmers who like and know how to use tabs."

In Java Today,

AppFuse 2.0 has been released. The long-awaited new version of this pre-rolled collection of open-source tools for web apps makes a number of profound changes, including a switch to Maven 2 (from Ant), thorough Maven 2 integration, upgraded WebWork to Struts 2, JDK 5, Annotations, JSP 2.0, Servlet 2.4, JPA support, a generic CRUD backend, Eclipse, IDEA, and NetBeans support, and more.

Over on JDJ, Yakov Fain relates a conference call among Java luminaries, in Java Champions Discuss JavaFX with Sun Microsystems. "This morning, Sun Microsystems has arranged a conference call with about twenty five Java Champions from around the world. We talked about JavaFX, a new language for development of the GUI for rich Internet and desktop applications. Java Champions were not shy to ask direct questions, and these are some of the interesting questions and answers about JavaFX."

"User presence is the domain normally represented by instant messaging systems, and while libraries supporting presence have existed for Java for a while, presence isn't normally represented in J2EE." TheServerSide's new article, Integrating Presence into J2EE Environments, shows you how to do just that.

In today's Forums,
akulinsk has a question about
Validataing incoming SOAP messages with Glassfish V2.
"I have a problem with implementing WS using NB 6 and Glassfish v2. We can send any wrong xml message to WS endpoint (SOAP over HTTP) and it is passed to lower framework layers instead of throwing some schema validation fault. In case of other app servers we used to get schema validation as soon as wrong message arrived. It is a serious problem for us, as some of our consumers are quite inadvanced and they build WS clients using string concatenation, not WS frameworks :( and they consume a lot of troubles when they get some lower level exceptions. I guess it has something in common with FI and processing optimization, but I need your help to switch validation on as it is more important at this point than performance."

In another GlassFish thread, Kshitiz Saxena considers practical approaches to clustering in
Re: Glassfish Cluster and Hardware Load Balancer.
"This option of hardware load-balancer doing round-robin will work with Glassfish v2, but it will have huge performance impact as session will keep moving from one instance to another. So as you mentioned, hardware load-balancer should maintain stickiness with respect to session. , In case hardware load-balancer is not able to achieve that, please use ,load-balancer plugin available with Glassfish v2. Refer to [this] blog for more details."

Finally, in Don't preload system classes, mobile developer barteo writes: "documentation states that even if CVM_PRELOAD_LIB is set to false, the CDC build system still uses JavaCodeCompact to preload a certain number of system classes. Is it possible to disable preloading at all?"

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How to reduce the gap between your interests and our activities