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The Space Between

Posted by editor on September 27, 2007 at 11:22 AM PDT

How to reduce the gap between your interests and our activities

So, Josh Marinacci did something remarkably open and democratic a few weeks back. In a blog, he said, you vote for your favorite article and I'll write it. Today, he's back and reports that The votes are in:

Before I get to the results themselves I must say that I was quite surprised by the response. 34 comments with some very good suggestions. I'm glad to see that there is such passion in these topics.

So here's the breakdown (and please correct me if I miscounted) :

  • Graphic Design for Engineers: 18
  • Intro to Painters: 14
  • JavaFX Script: 10
  • JXMapViewer: 8
  • Swing App & Beans Binding in NetBeans: 7
  • Nice feedback with Drag and Drop in Java 6.0: 2
  • 1 each for JNLP'd Derby driven app and some stuff with lucene / solr / hibernate

Given these results, I imagine I'll be hearing from Josh with a proposal/outline about graphic design soon, followed by Painters. An interesting point on the latter -- Josh proposed this a while back, and my reply was "OK, but is SwingX [which is where Painters come from] in any way serious about getting to a 1.0 release someday?" My thought was that people wouldn't be super enthusiastic about investing in an API that seems unlikely to be production-ready anytime soon. The fact that Painters came in second in Josh's poll suggests that a lot of Swing users are ready to dig into Painters, regardless of SwingX's status. Point, Josh.

Anyways, this is an interesting experiment for Josh to take on, and I'd like to build on this spirit of openness and ask everyone: are there specific, topics you'd like to see new feature articles on? Let us know, either in comments here or in an e-mail to cadamson [at] I'll add topics to the wish list portion of the writer's guide, the wish list being due for an update anyways.

Also, if you have an update about your project that you'd like to see on the front page, e-mail me directly or use the submit content form.

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