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Posted by editor on December 7, 2007 at 8:09 AM PST

Getting around to the Java conferences

Next week is the very popular Javapolis conference, held at the MetroPolis movie theaters business center in Antwerp, Belgium. The sold-out conference is probably the most popular Java conference in Europe, certainly the most buzz-worthy, with many of our own bloggers and project leaders among the 3,200 attendees.

If you take a look at our events list, you'll see that Javapolis and a few other conferences next week (notably The Spring Experience) are the last gasp before the conferences take a breather for the winter holidays. Starting in January, of course, we're right back into the thick of it, with
CodeMash 2008, Sun Tech Day - Atlanta, and the inaugural Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days. I'll be at the latter two, so come by and say hi.

Returning our focus to the present, several of our Weblogs are about plans for next week's Javapolis. Fabrizio Giudici begins with
A special recommendation for JavaPolis: clustering with Terracotta.
"I've already shared my JavaPolis agenda and the conference looks pretty interesting, even more than previous years. But there's a special talk that I'd like to recommend... of course, in addition to mine."

Jean-Francois Arcand sends in his first trip report in
On the Javapolis: Prague!
"Lucky me! Netbeans 6 has just been released and fortunately for me, I'm right on time for the party! Better, I've already given my two talks, so I can enjoy the food and ..... the drinks!"

Looking back to a recent event, Terrence Barr says
Thanks for great Frankfurt Tech Days!
"Just came back from the Tech Days in Frankfurt, Germany. Thanks to the organizational team and in particular Ulrike Werneck from Sun Germany for putting this together! The venue (the Frankfurt Congress Center) was perfect, the organization was flawless, and the attendance was above expectations with a crowd of nearly 1000."

Speaking of mobility, the latest Java Mobility Podcast is
Java Mobility Podcast 29: Mobile Content Lifecycle Management.
There are seven steps to successfully bringing a mobile application to market. In this episode Steve Haney of Tira Wireless discusses this mobile content lifecycle management which includes market planning, design, development, adaptation, testing, channel readiness, and distribution.

The Java Today section has one more conference-related item:
CommunityOne, the one-day free conference that precedes JavaOne, has posted its Call for Participation. "Once again, Sun Microsystems will be opening our tent flap to the free and open source community for CommunityOne. The Call for Participation is open from now until January 31, 2008. Submit a session on the subject of your choice in the 'Free and Open' category, or choose from proposed topics:
Free and Open, Projects and Strategy, Operating Systems, Web Servers and Databases, Scripting Languages: Content Authoring and RIAs, Tools and Integrated Development Environments, Next Generation Web Applications, Web Scale Computing."

A major new feature of the recently released NetBeans 6.0 IDE is a brand new editor infrastructure. In the Artima interview Sun's Gregg Sporar on the New NetBeans 6.0 Code Editor, Sun's NetBeans evangelist explains why a new editor was needed, and how it benefits developer productivity

New to ME, or not even new and just want to understand what it is, what it covers, and how it differs from other Java platforms? C. Enrique Ortiz's updated A Survey of Java ME Today "surveys the state of the Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME). You'll find important background information and explanations of terminology that you need to understand. It complements Introduction to Mobility Java Technology and the Java ME specifications, both of which you should take the time to read."

We've been talking about NetBeans 6.0 since its release on Monday, and assuming that many of you are already using it, the latest Poll asks "What's your favorite feature in NetBeans 6.0?" Cast your vote on the front page, then visit the results page for current tallies and discussion.

Today's Forums begin with an announcement from the Java Communications community: Mobicents 1.2.0.BETA1 Released. vralev writes,
"we are happy to announce Mobicents v1.2.0.BETA1. Mobicents 1.2.0.BETA1 is the first public release of Mobicents that is based on JBoss Application Server 4.2. The highlights of this release are performance enhancements in the JSLEE core and SIP RA. Along with that several stability issues have been resolved and you can expect greater reliability."

rah003 suggests a strategy for Swing highlighting in
Re: JTextPane and paintComponent override.
"I would not highlight text via paintComponent override. There is support for character/text manipulation in document views/renderers. Once I had to solve similar problem and ended up writing my own ParagraphView (or BoxView or some other view ... don't remember exactly) and parsing the document and setting character attributes which worked quite nicely."

Finally, John Clingan asks for GlassFish feedback in
COMMUNITY HELP: GlassFish v3 load balancer enhancement feedback.
"First, I'd like to thank the community for providing very good feedback to date. I'd like to get community feedback on the load balancing plugin that is used with GlassFish. How could we improve load balancing? Please give some explain with a some level of detail."

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Getting around to the Java conferences