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Posted by editor on January 29, 2008 at 8:16 AM PST

Fishing for Blu-Ray news

Last week, one of the lightning talks at the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days was a 10-minute demo of Blu-Ray Disc, some titles for which are powered by Blu-Ray Disc Java (BD-J), a Java ME platform for rich interactivity. The presenter showed off Blu-Ray's highly attractive menus for the movie War, along with a simple pinball game included with the Blu-Ray Disc of Surf's Up.

There was also a major Blu-Ray event, co-sponsored by Sun, last week in Barcelona. I haven't noticed anyone blogging or putting out press releases about what happened there, so at risk of becoming part of the story, I simply went to our BD-J forum and asked:

I haven't noticed any discussions or blogs about the Sun-sponsored Blu-Ray event in Barcelona. How did it go? Was anything interesting announced?

So far, there's been one interesting reply, posted by francoislionet:

I was there, and really enjoyed it.

The first 1.5 days was presented by Mark Johnson, and he gave us a complete tour of all the API, files, and necessities of creating a BDJ disc. Then came Bill Foote who talked about debugging your application, and using GRIN (his menu creator).

I was not present at the next two days, and was only there on the Friday to watch Sonic's presentation of Scenarist. We also had a long talk about how to certifie your applications (and this is not simple).

Altogether this was a great event. The thing I will remember most is how many time was said "Don't use this, it is bugged on certain players", or "This had not been fully implemented", or "This will be very slow on a Samsung 1000 player"!!!

And I met a lot of great developer from Europe, USA and even Australia.

The feedback about incompatibilities specific to certain devices is something we've heard before about Blu-Ray, and makes an interesting (if somewhat dispiriting) counterpart to the MEDDs' various discussions about fragmentation in the mobile phone space. But for the small number of BD-J developers, this seems like an interesting field to be in right now, especially as Blu-Ray seems to be in the endgame of winning its format war. Now, does anyone else who attended the conference have more to add? Lots of developers are on the BD-J sidelines and would like to hear more.

Also in today's Forums,
sdo explains 64-bit Java practicalities and considerations in
Re: -d64 JVM option documentation ? what does it do?
"The -d64 option means to use the 64-bit version of the JVM. The JVM has three basic configurations: -client, -server (both for 32-bit JVMs) and -d64. In order to use -d64, you have to separately install the 64-bit JVM for your platform (see, e.g., Supported System Configurations for supported platforms; the option itself is documented in the online man pages for the java tool). You are correct about the usage of that flag in glassfish. However, since this is the performance forum, I'll have to mention that the 64-bit JVM will have a performance penalty vs. the 32-bit JVM. Glassfish is very well tuned to run with a 32-bit heap, though Windows itself limits you to a pretty small heap (1.2 GB or so)."

Kevin Condon says he and his colleagues
Need help deploying to Glassfish cluster using netbeans generated ant script.
"We've successfully been deploying a headless build using a netbeans-generated ant script to a single glassfish server but have run into problems now that we've tried deploying to a glassfish cluster. We are able to deploy to the cluster using the admin console but we'd really like to use the netbeans ant script. Is there anyway to tweak the run-deploy task of the ant script to deploy to the cluster?"

In Java Today,

Jim Weaver, who maintains a Java FX blog, was at the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days and won a Sun SPOT in the conference's contest to find cool uses for the technology. In Seeing Spots at Java Mobile & Embedded Developer Days, he describes (with a full code example) his preliminary FX-based UI to drive a SPOT-controlled toy car. "I plan [...] to evolve this project into the stated vision, and I'll make blog entries periodically as progress in made.

The latest edition, issue 155, of the JavaTools Community Newsletter is out, with a roundup of tool-related news from around the web, announcements of new projects that have joined the community, and a Tool Tip on using Netbeans to help with JavaDocs.

Replying to another blog that infers technology trends from job listings, TheServerSide's Joseph Ottinger context-checks Obie Fernandez's Growth in Ruby Jobs Relative to Java with Ruby jobs increase by 550% - up to 3.3% the size of Java jobs! "Obie Fernandez posted a graph showing Ruby job growth over the last few years, with a final number somewhere in the 550%-660% range. That's great, but according to, it's still very very tiny compared to Java's market."