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Waiting Room

Posted by editor on January 23, 2008 at 9:01 AM PST

Mobile & Embedded Developer Days begins

I'm blogging from the auditorium on Sun's Santa Clara campus, where the Mobile & Embedded Developer Days is just getting started with a "Welcome, Update, and Roadmap" session from Roger Brinkley and Terrence Barr.

I could try to give you a sense of it, but since I'm tired from getting in at 2AM (how the heck does SFO "sell out" of rental cars), and since a picture is worth a thousand words and a video even moreso. The conference is being broadcast in the form of a web-embedded video, and by going to the UStream Sun page, you can see what's going on right now, live. Sessions are being held on two floors of the auditorium, and both are available on the feed.

James Gosling's keynote is coming up in 10 minutes (9AM PST), followed by sessions on Bluetooth, SunSPOTs, dev tools, JXTA ME and more. If you're not here, tune in and see what's going on. While I've typed this blog, three projects just got open-sourced, including Project Squawk. Things are hopping!

In Java Today,
Robert Cooper has released the initial 0.1 version of the Yahoo! Weather Plug In, allowing ROME-based code to make use of the Yahoo! Weather Service. A brief code sample shows that adding weather information to your feed only takes a few lines, and full JavaDocs are available.

The Thread Dump Analyzer (TDA) project offers "a small utility helping with offline analysis of production environments like application servers." Version 1.6, released earlier this week, offers a number of new features, including a new filter rule for "stack line count greater as", clipboard operation in logfile view, enhanced monitor view, "expand all nodes" and "sort by thread count" added to popup, drag-and-drop support for opening files, and more.

The SDN's latest Enterprise Java Tech Tip offers help for Using JAX-WS with Maven. "JAX-WS provides two tools for web
services development: wsimport and wsgen. The JAX-WS Maven
plugin provides Maven adapters for these tools. The plugin
offers the tools' functionality as two goals jaxws:wsimport and
jaxws:wsgen. A goal is roughly the Maven equivalent of an Ant
task. For each of the two goals, the plugin accepts all the
configuration options that can be passed to corresponding CLI or
Ant tasks."

In today's Weblogs, Arun


Er, update from Roger: make that "#medd08" for twitter and "medd08" for blogs.

I just got word from Roger Brinkley that Twitter users are the conference are using the tag "#modevday", while blogs relating to the conference are being tagged "modevday08"