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Posted by editor on April 22, 2008 at 7:57 AM PDT

Keeping up with the pre-JavaOne crunch

Yesterday, Joshua Marinacci blogged that JavaOne's approach is like the preparation crunch that precedes a big holiday like Christmas. In the comments, I asked if he really meant by his metaphor that he'd literally been working on JavaOne stuff for weeks, or months. He writes, "by the time JavaOne gets here, I will have spent almost two full months getting ready. Since I came back from Sydney March 11th."

True dat. Over here on the editorial side, this week started with a torrent of JavaOne-related meetings, which continues today, along with the at-deadline writing of the crossword puzzles for the JavaOne Today newspaper. Throw in secret announcements, guest appearances, and an inbox that went from empty to 40 overnight, and it's clear that the crunch is on.

Presumably working their own crunch to pull off a JavaOne-week release,

NetBeans QA is announcing that the NetBeans Community has approved NetBeans 6.1 for FCS. "We are pleased to announce the results of the NetBeans IDE 6.1 Community Acceptance Survey that ended April 16th: 91% of respondents agree that NetBeans 6.1 is stable enough to move into FCS! (A few respondents recommended that we fix some more issues, and we will try to deliver the fixes via the Update Center as soon as possible.)"

Also in Java Today,
the latest SDN Mobility Tech Tip is about Using Filters With the Java ME Device Matrix. "Let's say you have a design for a mobile application, and you know what technology (JSR) is required by the platform. You then want to know: What handsets will support your design? The SDN Device Matrix is a table that lists information on hundreds of devices that run Java ME technology."

The JBrowser project hopes to implement a modern web browser using java swing, with a goal of being "fully compatible with current mainstream browsers", learning from other browsers how to deal with broken web pages. Ultimately, the project owners hope to evolve the project into an RIA platform along the lines of Flex. For now, check out an early snapshot build, with initial CSS/HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, and (J)applet support.

Today's Weblogs begin with some advice from Tom Ball about
Testing Your Documentation.
"Java developers often assume that javadoc is the only way you can automate project documentation. Writing your manual so it can be manipulated programmatically allows many projects to test that what they write, works."

Returning to recent discussions about CS education, Sonya Barry asks
Once we have a room full of kids, what should we teach them?
"If we're able to get an after school program set up to take to middle and high school campuses, which kids should we be aiming for, and what should we teach them?"

Finally, Alexander Saint Croix explores
the tense relationship between JPA, enums and generics.
"There is a triad of tradeoffs between enums, generics, and the current JPA specification that can lead to a lot of development headache. What are some ways to negotiate these hurdles?"

In today's Forums,
abisola is looking for ideas to achieve
Image watermarking with transparency.
"I'm a newbie to JAI and need to implement a watermarking functionality. I have a logo (png) which I intend to use as a watermark on my photos that I post online (jpegs). I want the logo to be just slightly visible on my pictures. Can someone please give me pointers on how I can achieve this? I've trawled around on the forums a bit but still no joy."

alim27 needs an introduction to
"Does someone know a good bigenner's tutorial for OFBiz (Apache Open For Business). Please no google suggestions, cause i did. Thanks for any help."

Finally, garnet4 reports of a too-busy application in
Need to reduce Java application's CPU utilization.
"I wrote a Java application for creating search indexes. When run, this application utilizes almost 100% of CPU until it ends. This application performs lots of IO operations. I need to reduce its CPU usage to about 50-60% sacrificing the speed (i.e., it is fine if it takes an extra 10-15 minutes to finish). So far, I tried changing different Java HotSpot VM options but still couldn't reduce the CPU usage."

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Keeping up with the pre-JavaOne crunch