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Posted by editor on May 1, 2008 at 6:15 AM PDT

No hard feelings about the wait for Java 6 on the Mac... right?

As predicted in yesterday's editor's blog, people are blogging about the long- (long, long, long, long, long, long-) delayed release of Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1, which provides a production-quality Java 6 for Mac OS X, if only on 64-bit Intel Macs running Leopard.

Thing is, I had thought we'd see more grinding of teeth about the OS and hardware limitations of the release, to say nothing of the delay, but so far, most people just seem glad that it's finally out. Take a look at the blogs by Onno Kluyt and Arun Gupta, for example.

In fact, even James Gosling, who pointedly abandoned his Mac in favor of a wonky Solaris laptop during the delay, saying the Mac "really hasn't been keeping up as a developer's machine", and who called Apple "difficult" and their treatment of developers "shoddy", has nice things to say about the release. In fact, he says
There's dancing in the streets!: "Thanks to the folks at Apple for shipping 64 bit Intel support for Java SE 6. We really appreciate the work that they've done to make this happen."

Maybe Apple gets a pass today because there's good news all around, thanks to OpenJDK. Dr. Gosling continues: "and thanks to the folks at Red Hat and Ubuntu for announcing the inclusion of OpenJDK-based implementations in Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 8.04."

Speaking of OpenJDK and its adoption by the Linux community,

Episode 183 of the Java Posse is an interview about OpenJDK with Rich Sands, Barton George and Bruno Souza. They discuss the ongoing clearing of encumbrances to a full GPL release, Iced Tea, Ubuntu's inclusion of OpenJDK, the merits of the GPLv2 license, other JDK licenses, OpenJDK's status on the Mac, packaging Java for Linux distros, the role of the OpenJDK community, how OpenJDK may provide JDK 6 Update 10 functionality, OpenJDK's reliability, and more.

Also in
Java Today,
Metro, GlassFish's high-performance web services stack, has just released version 1.1.1. The new release contains JAXB RI version 2.1.6, and JAX-WS RI version 2.1.3, with JAX-WS changes including a JMX Agent for the server side, Mtom Interop with .NET 2.0/WSE 3.0, and bug fixes. More information is available in the release notes and the Metro and JAXB forum.

The latest edition, issue 167, of the JavaTools Community Newsletter is out, with a schedule of community members' mini-talks and booth-staffing times at the JavaOne Community Corner, tool-related news from around the web, announcements of new projects in the community and a graduation (GCHisto), and links to last week's tutorial for New project owners.

In today's Weblogs, JavaFX team member Joshua


Thats exactly what my feelings are. Theres so much being written about this new release in this blog, its got me wondering if any of our services would be hampered. We are an inbound call center and we have 15 computers currently running MACs. The problem is that on those computers we need to run the live chat client from RightNow (, which requires Java installation, to service our clients. And lately we kept receiving prompts asking us to update our versions. Is this going to enhance the operations or create problems? Thanks for your answer in advance. Peter