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Get Up And Go

Posted by editor on May 2, 2008 at 7:08 AM PDT

JavaOne packing day

If you're going to JavaOne, you're probably making plans or perhaps even packing for next week's conference. My first load of laundry is running upstairs and... hey wait, I need to check in for my flight and get a window seat! Hang on a second...

OK, now I'm good to go. Wonder what else I've forgotten. Maybe I should have made a list.

Anyways, JavaOne activities start a couple days early, as you can see from Alexandre Gomes' blog Java+You, which shows the banners and signage already deployed around Moscone and nearby parts of San Francisco for JavaOne. Tomorrow is our Community Leaders Weekend, followed by the GlassFish Unconference on Sunday, and CommunityOne on Monday. For a lot of us, Tuesday's opening keynote is really the halfway point of the week.

To get our JavaOne content services back online for the 2008 show, we've put out our first Community Corner podcast for this year, to re-seed the feed and remind everyone to re-subscribe in order to start receiving this year's mini-talks from the Community Corner. This first JavaOne Community Corner Podcast of 2008 is
j1-2k8-pre01: Best of Community Corner 2007, in which we take a listen back to highlights of some of the best talks from last year's mini-talks series, and take a look ahead at this year's schedule. Keep listening through next week, as we'll put out podcasts from Community Leaders Weekend and the first mini-talks on a regular basis. You can subscribe to the feed by pasting the feed URL into your podcatcher, or just following the iTunes Podcast Directory link.

OK, my first load of laundry's done. One more and I can pack. If you're coming to the show, come see us in the booth, which this year will be in the very easy-to-remember booth 101 space. Meet fellow community members, see some demos, attend a mini-talk, recharge your laptop and try out the Trackbots.

Speaking of podcasts, the latest Java Mobility Podcast is
Java Mobility Podcast 44: John Charles, Airscape Down Under CTO.
"John Charles, CTO of the Australian based Airscape Technology shares his views of the mobile world and why he believes that now is the time to be developing applications for mobile devices."

In a Java Today item that was referenced from several of yesterday's blogs,
Canonical and Red Hat have announced that OpenJDK-based implementations will be included in Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS) Server and Desktop editions. Furthermore, NetBeans IDE 6.0 will be delivered as part of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. "With this announcement, developers using Fedora 9 or Ubuntu 8.04 LTS can now count on free software implementations based on Java technology as a standard element of an open source developer stack that they can leverage to build the next generation of web-based applications for both consumers and enterprises. In addition this announcement opens the door for numerous Java technology-based offerings to be included in the core of these GNU/Linux distributions."

The recently-graduated MAKEFaces Project " is a web framework for building applications using Java Server Faces (JSF) and Java Persistence API (JPA). MAKEFaces makes developing JSF applications easy by bringing the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle to application development and by fixing many of the shortcomings of JSF." They say their mission is to fix JSF and make it rock: "We believe component oriented web development is a powerful solution, but JSF, as it stands, is at best incomplete, and at its worst: frustrating. We also think we can fix that using the awesome extensibility provided by JSF and a limited amount of cleverness. We think standards based development can be just as agile and flexible as any other kind, and strive to make the different components in the JEE stack work better together."

The JavaOne 2008 RoboHACC Programming Un-Contest is designed to challenge your coding skills in Java using the Greenfoot Framework/IDE to direct a Sun SPOT equipped TrackBot through an Arena with various obstacles. You can use existing code examples or start from scratch. Collaboration is highly encouraged; so find some fellow coders and get hacking! The RoboHACC Un-Contest begins NOW, but will really take off at JavaOne where you'll interact with other participants."

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