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Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect

Posted by editor on October 9, 2008 at 8:03 AM PDT

Achievable dreams for Java

Rhetorical trick alert! Java SE / OpenJDK Principal Engineer Mark Reinhold has posted a blog asking Wouldn't It Be Cool?, with a list of Java dreams. The first two are:

  • You could write a Java application that could run, without change, on cell phones, on TV set-top boxes, and on laptop and desktop computers?
  • A Java applet could start up just as quickly as a similar Flash application, and have comparable responsiveness?

Hmm... seems like I've heard something like this. Doesn't the second sound like Java 6 Update 10's "Quick Starter" feature? And the first is sounding like... JavaFX, maybe?

Full credit to the readers of Mark's blog, who've figured out the game and followed along. Go check out the list and see if you can connect the dots between what might be, what's coming, and what already is.

Also Java Today,
the new Patch-In-Place feature in 6u10 provides a cleaner and faster upgrade experience. This feature reduces the download size when a user migrates from one update release to another, and it will also increase the performance of the update. After updating from 6u10 to 6u11, the user will only be left with one 6u11 JRE. The JDK team asks you to "try out this feature and let us know your feedback."

LG Electronics has announced the LG SDK 1.0 for the Java ME Platform to support the company's Java-powered devices. "The LG SDK 1.0 for the Java ME Platform includes an emulation environment, documentation, examples, and other application development resources that developers need to create mobile applications for LG mobile phones. The LG SDK 1.0 for the Java ME Platform is a custom version of Sun Java Wireless Toolkit. It supports all features included in the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit and provides additional features for LG mobile phones."

In today's Weblogs, Raphael Mudge wonders about Unmarketable Innovators? "I have a friend. He wrote his own programming language. Then he proceeded to embed said language into his own webserver. He built his entire development stack and he is very productive with it. I worry for my friend. Isn't he hurting his marketability? Is there an unmarketable innovator's dilemma?"

Marina Sum posts a pointer blog to an article on How to Install Sun Web Stack on OpenSolaris OS. "A new article on Sun Developer Network walks you through the process of installing Sun Web Stack on OpenSolaris. The process takes only a few steps, easy as pie. Check it out."

In today's Forums, candlejack wonders
How to establish trust between two GFv2 servers? "I am trying to setup two GFv2 servers so that a trust is created between those too. According to documentation and several inet resources this can be achieved by setting up mutual ssl between those two servers. To achieve this I set the clientAuth property in the certificate realm of the second server (the callee) to true. That way mutual ssl is enforced for all applications and the corresponding settings in the deployment descirptors of my test EJBs do not matter anymore, right?"

Alex Ng'ang'a explains a seemingly missing feature in JDIC, in Re: [JDIC] I can't find the FloatingDock Class. "The FloatingDock class is in the incubator. This means it's not included in the main jar file. One can download the sources via cvs and create the jar file themselves but the native side is implemented only for Linux and Solaris OSes so if you are not using a Unix based OS this will not be possible."

Artem Ananiev offers a preferred replacement for Window.finalize() in the followup
Re: Removed finalize() in java.awt.Window in Java SE 6.
"finalize() method is removed as an unreliable way to free resources. nstead, we use Java2D Disposer machinery which is based on ReferenceQueue notifications. See java.lang.ref.ReferenceQueue JavaDoc for details."

Finally, areplogle is fishing around for some
JCR recommendations? "Does Sun have or is Sun working on any implementation of JSR-170 Java Content Repositories? If not, what recommendations would you have for an implementation that can store and provide user friendly interfaces for management? I've read a little bit about Jackrabbit from Apache; is this the best recommendation at this time?"

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