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Posted by editor on October 16, 2008 at 7:24 AM PDT

Thursday events we almost missed

Sometimes, you don't know about cool events until they're almost here. Our Events List does a good job of tracking conferences and JUG events a few months out (event organizers, please keep submitting events to be part of the listings), but sometimes the quickly-arranged online events sneak up on me fast.

To wit, I want to get out this blog quickly, as some of the events are now just a couple hours away.

The first item comes from the Java Today section. Today at 11:15am PT (18:15 GMT),
John Rose,
one of the leaders for the recent JVM Language Summit
will talk on
Many Languages, One Machine.
John will be presenting from Santa Clara, but will be
broadcast simultaneously through
TheAquarium Online.

Then we have a forum post about an event that immediately follows John's webinar. As the Forum post
Special Webinar in Spanish on GF v3 Prelude and Overall GF story -
Thursday 1pm PT
points out, "Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart will host a special online webinar on the GF v3 Prelude launch and an overview of GF-related offerings. This webinar will be in SPANISH and OPEN to anybody You can attend
- Online via
- By concall at
Toll Free: (866) 545-5227
Int'l Access: (215) 446-3648 (caller paid)
Access Code: 3535518"

So there you have it, a pair of online webinars, both available via The Aquarium's channel. If either of these events interest you, hopefully you'll see the front page or this blog in time to attend.

Also in Java Today,
NetBeans Dream Team Member Toni Epple has posted a slide show and blog about his participation (along with Sun's David Stuple and Geertjan Wielenga) in NetBeans Platform Certified Training Würzburg. "There were two days packed with presentations and a workshop. Students were really eager to get started coding, and it was fun to see them starting NetBeans whenever David or Geertjan did a demo during their presentations."

Are you a Programmer who develops Java desktop and Java web applications using the NetBeans IDE? If so, this is your chance to get involved in the creation of the Sun Certified Specialist NetBeans IDE Beta Certification Exam! Help us "test the test" and earn credit towards official certification! The beta exam is FREE and available WORLDWIDE at any Authorized Prometric Testing Center. The Beta dates are October 15 through November 5.

Today's Weblogs begin with John Reynolds offering the comparison Chickens and Eggs - Methodology and Tools. "Which came first? Object Oriented Methodology or Object Oriented Languages? From where I was standing at the time I'd have to say Object Oriented Methodology."

Arun Gupta follows up yesterday's JSF tip with
TOTD #48: Converting a JSF 1.2 application to JSF 2.0 - Facelets and Ajax. "TOTD #47 showed how to deploy a JSF 1.2 application (using Facelets and Ajax/JSF Extensions) on Mojarra 2.0-enabled GlassFish. In this blog we'll use new features added in JSF 2.0 to simplify our application."

Greg Brown passes along release news in
Pivot 1.0 Released. "Announcing the release of Pivot 1.0, an open-source framework for building rich internet (RIA) applications in Java."

In today's Forums, we return to the contentious topic of the last few days, Re: Java WebStart (JNLP), JavaFX on 64-bit machines, and linuxhippy's rhetoric check: "After all, instead of spreading poison why don't you get your hands on the code? There's always work to do and I guess that would be more useful instead of crying arround how bad everything is. Maybe I sound a bit rude, sorry for that. The reason is I've read posts like yours ... well ... I guess since I started java development in 1998. Exactly the same, just the topic was different. If Sun won't do that, Java will die, Java is missing these and that and its Sun's fault, If I would have been Sun I would have done.... Looking back to 2000 the only thing I can see is that Sun did really well, and most things got a lot better since then."

Shai Almog explains an LWUIT detail in
Re: How to load animated gif at run time. "This is not supported by some devices which is why we offer our animation support (via the resource editor). You will need to use the MMAPI and the MediaComponent to "Play" an animated gif which might not work for all devices."

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