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Posted by editor on January 15, 2009 at 8:01 AM PST

Cable TV opens up to Java

In case you missed it last year, there were some interesting announcements about Tru2Way, the marketing name for OpenCable, which is a Java-baesd technology that obviates the cable TV box by providing a common platform that can be embedded directly into a television. OpenCable makes its home here on, in the OpenCable project.

In the latest Java Mobility Podcast,
Java Mobility Podcast 68: OpenCable Project and Tru2Way, CableLabs' Phil Bender talks about the OpenCable project, its relationship to Tru2Way and his talk on the Tru2Way Roadmap and Mobile, Media, and Embedded Developer Days.

Speaking of the Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days, the conference begins next Wednesday, and with less than a week to go, the sixth countdown newsletter offers a few more speaker profiles -- including Phil Bender and Sun's Michael Legally -- along with updates to the agenda and the announcement of a $169/night rate at the Santa Clara Marriott. But hurry: registration for the conference closes on Monday.

Also in Java Today,
the Portal Pack 3.0 Beta binaries for NetBeans are now available for download. This release has major bug fixes and a few enhancements, including directory deployment and debug support for Liferay Portal Server running on Tomcat. The following portal servers are now supported: Project WebSynergy, Liferay Portal Server 5.1.x and later, Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1/7.2, and OpenPortal Portlet Container.

Learn to leverage the NetBeans IDE and the JRuby-on-Rails framework to deploy MySQL-backed applications on GlassFish in a free, live technical webinar on Tuesday, January 27th. "Discover the fundamentals of JRuby and how the NetBeans IDE makes developing/debugging/deploying Rails applications quick, fun and cost-effective." The "Developing MySQL-Backed Applications with NetBeans and JRuby-on-Rails" webinar will be presented by Arun Gupta, Glass Evangelist, Sun Microsystems, and Jimmy Guerrero, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sun Microsystems

In today's Forums, benglncy works through incompatibilities with the new plug-in, in
Re: how-to switch-off "Next-Generation Javaâ„¢ Plug-In Technology". "I think in DeployJava.js you can use IsPlugin2 to test whether it's being used, this seems to test whether it's disabled or not as well. I have a javascript setup where I test for this and then if it's not there they can either install the latest java or just attempt to run an applet old style with the jar file list etc instead of the jnlp (which is a bit crap because I need java3d to be installed also and a jnlp file can use the to do this ). However, even when using jnlp file to launch after they install the latest java, then I fall into trap 2 where having an extension requires that the java cache be activated on the client side... but how do you check for this in javascript?"

csterg could use some help performing an
Autoscroll container while drag-n-drop operation. "I have made a custom component which is a container and contains a number of other components (JPanels, JLabels, etc). I want to make this container autoscroll when a drag-n-drop operation occurs. I managed to do so by implementing the Autoscroll and Scrollable on the main component and some of it's sub-components. The problem i have is that Autoscroll should be implemented on every single sub-component of the container in order for the autoscroll to work properly (or else, when the mouse goes over a non-Autosroll-able component, e.g. a JButton, the autoscrolling stops). Is there a way to do something like this? Is there another way to auto-scroll the container during a dnd operation?"

Finally, Bill Foote says there may be options for BD-J developers who don't have Blu-Ray Disc burners, in
Re: [BD-J-DEV] Blue Ray content on "plain old" DVD. "In the end you can get what you want another way. There is a standard for using DVD-ROM to carry a Blu-ray image, called
BD9 (9 for the 8.6 GB you get on a double-sided DVD). You'll note that I said BD-ROM. I don't know what happens if you put a BD-9 image on a recordable DVD. I'm also not immediately familiar with what's different about a BD-9, though I suspect it's pretty much the same as a BD layout, except perhaps some file naming conventions (like maybe a mapping to stick to 8.3 filenames or something like that)."

... in today's Weblogs, Felipe Gaucho looks ahead to one of the most important components of Java EE 6 in Servlet 3.0 Unleashed. "Servlet 3.0 is a most wanted technology release from the last few months, and now there is no more reasons to rollback our expectations. The specification of Servlet 3.0 was approved by the Public Review Ballot and it was also endorsed by the Java EE Executive Committee (EC)."

Arun Gupta looks at Java on campus in
GlassFish @ University of Essex and Frankfurt - Go Campus Ambassadors!
T"his blog highlights couple of contributions by Campus Ambassadors (CA) from University of Essex and Frankfurt towards GlassFish. [...] Please drop a comment on this blog if you have talked about GlassFish in your school/university/training. If you'd like to talk about it then provides a comprehensive list of material (slides, demos, etc.) to get you started! "

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Cable TV opens up to Java