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Life Won't Wait

Posted by editor on February 3, 2009 at 7:47 AM PST

The Java Plug-In Goes 64-bit

One of the top RFEs is gone from the Bug Parade, not because people changed their votes, but because it got implemented. I'm talking, of course, about the call for a 64-bit version of the Java plug in.

Danny Coward notes the arrival of this long-awaited feature in the Upgrade to Java SE 6u12.

"Normally one bug getting fixed doesn't make for a party, but many people (way more than the 803 that voted for it in the bug parade) have waited for some time for this one: support for the browser plugin for Java on 64 bit OSs. So now the Java Plugin for 64bit Linux and Windows is part of the recently shipped Java SE 6 Update 12."

Now if we only had a 32-bit version of the Java 6 Plug-In for the Mac. Just teasing...

Also Java Today, Lillian Angel notes new features in IcedTea, the OpenJDK port with encumbrances replaced by code from GNU Classpath, in her blog IcedTea6 1.4 Released! Along with updating to the OpenJDK b14 build, IcedTea also updates to the new new OpenJDK7 Hotspot 14. "The old OpenJDK6 Hotspot 11 can still be configured -- with-hotspot-build=original -- but future versions will drop support for the old version and only support HS14. Zero and Shark have been forward ported to HS14 (from HS12)." Another improvement is XRender pipeline support: "Java2D are noticably faster and running over a remote X connection feels like it is all local."

Are you a portable DJ? The latest Mobility Tech Tip from the SDN looks at Mixing MIDI, Tone, and Sampled Audio using MMAPI. Author Vikram Goyal writes, "on the face of it, mixing sounds in a mobile applications is a desirable attribute to have, especially for multimedia-rich applications like games. MMAPI provides you the ability to mix different media, but there are pitfalls. The following sections describe some of these issues."

Today's Weblogs begin with Tomas Brandalik showing you how to do Hot deployment into emulator. "Java ME SDK has an important feature which can speed up MIDlet development. MIDlet can be redeployed into already opened emulator."

Fabrizio Giudici explains why blueMarine went Semantic. "This is just an introductory post of a series that will illustrate why and how I integrated this stuff in blueMarine. Don't expect a tutorial about the semantic web itself, rather - as usual for me - an architectural perspective about a tool and why it's good/bad."

Finally, Cay Horstmann seeks a path Towards Java EE Nirvana. "Java EE 6 makes it pretty straightforward to crunch out a basic web + database application. This semester, my software engineering class is building web apps, and I decided it is simpler to have them use JSF + JPA in Glassfish v3 rather than some technology that seems easy at first and then lets them down. In this blog, I describe the recent simplifications, show how to set up Glassfish, give a sample app, and explain why we haven't quite reached Nirvana."

In today's Forums, kram explores
CSS and Controls in JavaFX. "I have been learning about the CSS part of JavaFX, which seems like a great idea, but Im just wondering something. If I have a custom control, which extends CustomNode, that, in the create() method returns a Group of nodes, such as a heap of different lines, and rectangles etc... How would I apply a CSS style to an internal node of that group (i.e. one of those internal rectangles)? I cant seem to get it to work just using the styleClass properties, although maybe my CSS declarations are wrong, anyone had any experience with this?"

mimreza_sh doesn't seem to know where to begin writing a
graphing math function. "hi everyone , I am a student and i am trying to develop a "graphical scientific calculator for mobile devices " , i have problem with the graphing part . the calculator supposed to sketch math function's graphs eg (sin(x),cos(2x),etc) , is there any specific library for this matter or i should generate the code myself . can u help me by introducing any sources??"

arishapiro points out the roadblock to ME development in another followup to the thread
Re: Do you guys agree that J2ME is dying?. "You have to understand that this is beyond the control of Sun. If AT&T decides that they will only allow signed applications on their devices there is nothing that Sun can do about it. For better or for worse the operators control what they allow on their devices not Sun."

Finally, newcomer4 needs to create a
jar.exe package without JDK. "I am building a commercial application using Java technology. At the client side only JRE is required But my application at the time of installation also need to update an existing jar file at runtime. For this I need to use jar.exe file. I am having JDK installed on my machine. Client side installation doesn't require JDK Can I package this jar.exe with my application without the need to install JDK at the client side?"

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The Java Plug-In Goes 64-bit


It is a rare occurence that top RFE or Bugs actually get closed - congrats. However, who needs the Plugin anyway? Dont forget to mention the windows 2008 support. Gruss Bernd

I didn't realize you did weeks, actually. Keep it up!

We did Talking Heads week back in February 2006. This week's band is a lot more recent...

I just have to say I'm a little disappointed you didn't use the Talking Heads tune "Memories can't wait" as the tagline instead...