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Posted by editor on March 19, 2009 at 8:53 AM PDT

Slick and special JavaFX apps contend for prizes

As more and more developers dig into JavaFX, we don't lack for novel uses of the technology: the daily contributions to JFXStudio is testament to that. Now we're awaiting the next step: from "look mom!" demos and novelties to more complete, purposeful applications.

To help encourage development of such apps, is hosting a JavaFX Coding Challenge, starting next Monday (March 23). Entrants will create a rich media application with JavaFX 1.1 and NetBeans 6.5, and their applications will be judged by a panel of experts (including James Gosling) for technical merit, robustness, end-user experience, originality, creativity, and the viral nature of the application. The top three entrants will win prizes of $25,000, $10,000, and $5,000, with prizes of $1,500 to each of the top three student submissions. Up to 100 honorable mention entries will receive $25 Amazon gift certificates. The contest deadline is May 29, with winners announced the week of June 29.

In Java Today, selected events from this week's CommunityOne East conference are being streamed live online. Along with the big announcement of Sun's Cloud Plans as featured on the conference page, today's breakout sessions feature NetBeans, GlassFish, open-source business models, and a closing session this afternoon from Geir Magnusson, Jr. on "Persistent Clouds : New Models for Data Storage".

Blogger Michael Heinrichs has posted a five-part series (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) on Best Practices for JavaFX Mobile Applications. In the series, he covers unnecessary bindings, optimizing the size of the scenegraph, the trade-offs of shapes versus images, using prescaling and background loading, and the advantages of def over var.

Returning to the JavaFX theme, today's Weblogs begin with Sergey Malenkov's SideBarFX. "Fullscreen mode and transparent windows are supported in JavaSE 6 since update 10. I have developed the SideBar example for the JavaOne 2008 by using proprietary Java API to create translucent window that slides out of the right side of the screen. Now I am ready to show the SideBar example created by using the JavaFX API only."

Bruce Chapman takes a look at the proposed "small language changes" for Java 7 in
Meta Coinage - Role of Syntactic Sugar. "Java (the programming language) is Turing complete so no new language feature can enable us to solve a problem with Java that would be unsolvable without the language feature. Therefore any new language feature is at best a convenience to those reading and writing the code."

Finally, Carol McDonald has posted MySQL for Developers Screencast and Slides. "If you are a developer using MySQL, you should learn enough to take advantage of its strengths, because having an understanding of the database can help you develop better-performing applications. This session will talk about MySQL database design and SQL tuning for developers."

In today's Forums, Kedar Mhaswade explains GlassFish's AS_JAVA in
Re: ${com.sun.aas.javaRoot} variable reference. "The theory behind AS_JAVA was to provide an installation wide JAVA_HOME and refer to it by a token. So, the spirit was noble. Now, you know that for one "installation" (i.e. set of "bits") there is one asenv.conf[.bat]. But you can have multiple "domains" that utilize the same installation. It may so happen that domain1 uses Java 1.6.0_01 and domain2 uses 1.6.0_05 (for this JDK update has fixed a bug that it needs)."

In the announcement New version of Eclipse plugin for glassfish published, Rochelle Raccah writes, "Version 1.0.22 of the GlassFish plugin for eclipse was published yesterday. Here is a link to the release notes which lists the bug fixes that are included: As with previous versions, you can download it from within Eclipse using the Download additional server adapters link on the New Server Wizard. Please send your comments to or and file any bugs in the issuetracker at"

cvd provides a challenging workaround in
Re: how-to switch-off "Next-Generation Java


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