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NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 3 Release Impresses

Posted by editor on April 13, 2009 at 4:57 AM PDT

NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 3 was recently released and is now available for download. Key features in the new release include:

  • Project Kenai integration
  • Maven availability
  • PHP code coverage and Selenium support
  • Enhanced output window, update center catalog, and search performance
  • Export profiling data into CSV, HTML, and XML file formats
  • Easy host setup for remote C/C++ development
  • Enhanced GlassFish integration
  • Integration with the Hudson Continuous Integration server

Kevin Yinkei Chan expressed his Impressions with Netbeans 6.7 M3 for PHP a few days ago, saying "I could not be more impressed by its performance and feature-set." Kevin was particularly impressed by the IDE's speed, code completion ("the best code completion for PHP in any IDE I've used"), and project/code navigation capabilities.

See the complete list of NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 3 features and enhancements for the full details.

The NetBeans team is actively seeking user feedback, and asks people to join the NetBeans discussion on the NetBeans mailing lists and forums, by adding NetBeans-related blogs to Planet NetBeans, and/or by participating in the new NetBeans User Survey.

The final release of NetBeans 6.7 is planned for June, so now is the time to get your comments and suggestions in.

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is
Java Mobility Podcast 76: Sound of Motion, in which Vladimir Savchenko of Sound of Motion talks about their Java ME application that transforms their cycles into advanced cycling computer.

Our lead Java Today story is NetBeans 6.7 Milestone 3 Now Available for Download!: "The NetBeans team is pleased to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 3 (M3). Download NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 3. Read more about feature highlights and the release schedule."

The Netbeans team also asks the community: Help Us Improve NetBeans - Take the NetBeans User Survey!: "We are launching the NetBeans User Survey so we can learn more about you and what you do with NetBeans.We want to know your perspective on NetBeans: what works and what doesn't; how you use NetBeans and how NetBeans can better serve you in the future.NetBeans's strength lies in its community, so please consider taking this survey. Click here to complete the NetBeans User Survey. Thank You."

And, Danny Coward highlights Planet Cast Three: What Tor Norbye thinks of JavaFX: "Tune in to the third in the Planet Cast series with an in-depth conversation with hard core Java programmer, JavaOne demo Ace and Java Posse co-host Tor Norbye on what was it that first hooked him about JavaFX, comparisons with JavaScript, on joining the team, and what he likes and doesn't like about the tools.

In today's Weblogs, Sonya Barry replies to comments from the community in More Wiki Upgrade: "A blog intended as a full response to comments about the wiki migration made here. In general, if you choose to have a wiki related to your project, then maintaining it is part of your project. By design, wikis are entirely subject to the whim of the last person who updated them. They require active management to keep current..."

Marina Sum points out an interesting article in Boot Environments in the OpenSolaris OS: Versatility Exemplified: "A March article on Sun Developer Network, Managing Boot Environments With OpenSolaris Package Manager, tells you how to manipulate BEs in the OpenSolaris OS. That is, efficiently and safely install, update, or delete software."

And Jean-Francois Arcand continues his series on Grizzly in Extending the Grizzly HTTP Runtime VII: Cluster/load balance GrizzlyAdapter using Apache: "With the release of Grizzly 1.9.11, it is now possible to cluster/load balance your GrizzlyAdapter using Apache! As I described in the previous entry on the topic, it is quite simple to embed Grizzly using its' extension point: GrizzlyAdapter ..."

Our new Poll asks "Does the U.S. Federal Government's embrace of OpenESB for the NHIN imply a brighter future for open source projects?" The poll ends on Friday.

In the most recent poll, a 43% plurality said "It doesn't make a difference" in response to the question "Are you more likely to use a library or framework if it comes bundled for your IDE or build tool?" 48% answered either "Somewhat more likely" or "Much more likely." 691 people voted.

This week's Spotlight announces Registration for C1 Unconferences Now Open - GlassFish and OpenSSO Day: "The registration for our CommunityOne Unconferences is now open. We are hosting two intertwined events, one for all the GlassFish projects, the other for OpenSSO, OpenDS et al. Both in Hall A at the Moscone the Sunday before JavaOne, May 31st. Both events are free..."

In the Forums, gsarrowood seeks help regarding some jms packaging confusion in Glassfish: "I have developed a client that connects to GF2u2 via JMS. I need to make it robust regarding disconnects, etc. I came across a sun doc for the MQ4.1 which according to the glassfish docs, was the MQ that was included in GF. My confusion is this: normal includes are jmx.jms.Connection. Using the event listener refered to in the docs which notifies me of JMS startup, shutdown, reconnects, etc, require me to replace this Connection with com.sun.messaging.jms.Connection. Its my understanding that "java.*" and "javax.*" are 'standard' while any "com..*" package is not really part of the standard jdk an may go away or be migrated into the standard at a later date. So, I guess my question is, is my assumption correct? Is it safe to use the com.sun.* connections (and other related objects) in my app?"

nicoley shares lessons learned in Two methods for capturing Wonderland error messages: "I just spent a considerable amount of time trying to find the location of my trace files on Windows, so I thought I'd share the secret in case anyone else is wondering where these files are stored. Backing up a little bit - whenever I run Wonderland, I always make sure my Java Console is visible in case there's a problem, If something bad happens, I can copy and paste the log file and send it off to someone to look at. How you enable the console is different on the different platforms. On Windows Vista, you open your control panel and look for and open the Java control panel. Then go to the "Advanced" tab. Expand the "Java console" item and click "Show console." This will open a console window every time you run Wonderland using Java Web Start. The problem is, if your client crashes completely, the Java console window will go away along with the client window, taking all your valuable error messages with it. In order to capture any errors that might have been generated when the client crashed, you'll need a trace file..."

And boutell wonders How to avoid @PostConstruct on page Faces beans during postback?: "Hello, we're using GlassFishV2/JSAS9.1 with Mojarra 1.2_04-b22-p05 for a large project, and experiencing performance issues on form-less JSF commands when used in conjonction with @PostConstruct annotations. I feel this is an architectural issue I'm not able to resolve though, so I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on whether I'm missing something, there is some known workaround or it's a known JSF problem? The scenario is as follows: Page my.jsp references Faces Beans; MyFB has @PostContruct method, which execute expensive logic to initialize the data model before rendering phase.."

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NetBeans IDE 6.7 Milestone 3 was recently released and is now available for download.

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