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Announcing the JavaOne 2009 Twitter Network

Posted by editor on May 4, 2009 at 8:57 AM PDT

This week's Spotlight is my invitation to people who will be at JavaOne this year to form an informal " JavaOne 2009 Twitter Network". There are a lot of people who wish they could attend JavaOne this year, but who can't attend. So, my thought is to provide these people with an opportunity to follow the conference via Twitter.

So, if you will be at JavaOne, please consider posting a comment to my " JavaOne 2009 Twitter Network" blog post, with your Twitter address and, if you'd like, a brief bio or description of your core interests and the type of sessions you plan to attend (or the events where you'll be speaking, hosting, etc.).

I won't be attending many sessions myself (I'll be primarily stationed at the booth). But I will be talking to a lot of interesting people, including interviewing many people as part of the CommunityOne podcasts series. So, I'll be tweeting about that, along with everything else that happens.

So, if you wish you could attend JavaOne, but can't, visit the JavaOne 2009 Twitter Network home page between now and the conference, and you'll probably find some interesting people you'd like to follow via Twitter at the conference.

If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, my address is @diyincite.

In Java Today, Danny Coward returns from Mexico and provides us with a Java, JavaFX news round-up: "Marking a mask-free return from Mexico and provides us with a Java, JavaFX news round-up: "Marking a mask-free return from Mexico, the Janitor returns to a pile of acivity in the Java and JavaFX world. As Remi noted, href="">invokedynamic, the bytecode centerpiece of href="">JSR 292 has been committed to JDK 7, as have method handles, good job since its on the list for href="">M3, which is the release for JavaOne. And speaking of href="">M3 features, SCTP is now in the latest weekly build. Things are shaping up ! ..."

Mozer helps developers get started with Maven in Five tips for successfully deploying Maven: "Maven is one of those things that people seem to hate rather intensely, but nevertheless adoption is steadily rising in the Java community. I've worked with Maven almost daily since the 1.0 betas, and here are five things that I think could help your team working more efficiently with Maven..."

Terrence Barr pointed out an interesting interview, Interview: Patrick Curran, chair of the JCP, published at the H Open site: "The H went to Qcon and sat down with Patrick Curran, chair of the Java Community Process for a chat about how the JCP is changing and looking for more transparency in all aspects of its work..."

In today's Weblogs, Ed Burns tells us about his recent JSF2 European Tour, Spring 2009: "I just returned from presenting JSF2 at three wonderful conferences in German speaking Europe. Mathema Frühjarcampus, in Erlangen, Germany Irian JSFDays in Vienna, Austria S&S; Verlag JAX in Mainz, Germany My trip to JAX included a side trip to Michael Hütterman’s Köln..."

Masood Mortazavi posted Derby, the Cauldron and Java DB: "Apache Derby project is the cauldron where Sun starts the forging of Java DB, the premier Java database in the world! Most recently, Knut Anders Hatlen, Java DB engineering and committer to the Apache Derby project, has been writing about the new features being shipped in Java DB 10.5. It is important to know that Java DB is a project 3 years in the making..."

And Carol McDonald announces that she will be Speaking at JavaOne: "preview of 2 Hands On Labs I am working on for JavaOne. I'm working on 2 Hands On Labs for JavaOne this year: * Building RIA Dojo and JavaFX Pet Catalog Clients for MySQL backed RESTful Web Services;* Developing Real-Time Revolutionary Web Applications, Using Comet and Ajax. You can read the HOL details and download some preview documentation and code below..."

This week's Poll asks: "Which device will people use most to connect to the Internet five years from now?" Voting is open through Thursday, May 7.

This week's Spotlight is The JavaOne 2009 Twitter Network. As I described above, I'm requesting that people who will be at JavaOne post their Twitter addresses as a comment to my post, so that people who cannot be at JavaOne this year (and there are a lot of people who wish they could attend, but can't) will be able to follow the events as they happen. If you'll be at JavaOne this year, please post your Twitter address, so we can keep everyone who wants to follow the conference well-informed.

In the Forums, Alex has an LWUIT question regarding CSS Class like styling: "HI friends! Sorry if my question has been already overdiscussed. In the LWUIT Developper guide you say that a theme file is very similar in spirit to a CSS file. I understand what you mean by that when considering application wide style properties of components. However, I was wondering if it was possible to define stale classes such as we would in real CSS. This would enable us to define a given style into a class and apply it (or not) to a given Component. Let's say I want all my textAreas to have blue background with white font. I would define it as it actually is possible in the LWUIT designer. And everything would be nice..."

Jeff Haynes is trying to choose between Metro vs Jaxws: "We are trying to determine if we should use Metro or just Jaxws. I realize that jaxws is a subset of Metro. We are using Metro to generate the Java client stubs from WSDL files. Then using those stubs to invoke the web services. Does Metro provide anything more than jaxws in this regard? Is there a comparison of these somewhere? If not, can someone from the Metro/Jaxws teams provide some input here? ..."

And vscarpenter Cannot deploy JAX-WS app to WebLogic 9.2: "Hi there. I am building an application with JAX-WS 2.1.1 (Build-Version: JAX-WS RI 2.1.1-b03) and deploy it as a war file under WebLogic 9.2 SP3 (Sun JVM 1.5.0_12). To make sure I am actually build and deploy a JAX-WS application, I created a simple class that returns a String and annotated it as a webservice. Since WebLogic bundles some of the classes that JAX-WS needs, I've added the following stanza to my weblogic.xml file..."

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This week's Spotlight is my invitation to people who will be at JavaOne this year to form an informal " JavaOne 2009 Twitter Network"...