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A Very Busy Tuesday at's Community Corner 2009

Posted by editor on June 2, 2009 at 12:21 AM PDT's Community Corner 2009 has a very full schedule for JavaOne Day One (Tuesday). The activities will take place in the booth, which occupies a large area in the left corner of the Pavilion as you walk into the main entrance. Walk in and turn left, and you'll probably see the sign above the booth. If you don't see the sign, just walk until you see us.

Tuesday's Community Corner activities will feature a series of visits by members of the community, as well as visits by the broader Java community, including Kirk Pepperdine, the Alice Project, and an unnamed Sun VP. All of the Community Corner events will include a podcast that will be available online as soon as we can make them available.

Between 11:30 AM and 3:00 PM, and at 7:00 PM, the following people will be visiting to record a podcast in our semi-soundproof booth. Before and after the podcasts, you may be able to catch them for some questions if you're in the booth area at that time. Here's who's visiting, and when:

  • 11:30 Mario Fusco (Lambdaj Project): Lambdaj is a library that makes easier to manipulate collections in a pseudo-functional and statically typed way. In our experience to iterate over collection, especially in nested loops, is often error prone and makes the code less readable. The purpose of this library is to alleviate these problems employing some functional programming techniques but without losing the static typing of java. We impose this last constraint to make refactoring easier and safer and allow the compiler to do its job. In a word, lambdaj partially eliminates the burden to write (often nested and poorly readable) loops while iterating over collections by allowing to filter, convert, group, aggregate and sort their items without to write a single explicit loop.
  • 12:00 PM Jan Haderka and Alex Potochkin (SwingLabs): Discussion of Swinglabs project and subprojects, current and future development of SwingX, common use cases for components provided by SwingX and explanation of new demos. Available for drop-in demos until 1:30 PM.
  • 12:30 PM Max Lanfranconi (
  • 1:00 PM Pavel Suk, Martin Man, Jakub Podlesak (OSUG, JUG): Prague is not only one of the most mystical cities in the world, it also hosts Sun Engineering Center. Do engineers there work on transmutation of metals into gold, elixir of life or something else? Why are the communities in Czech Republic active? Is beer cheaper than water? Myths and truths about communities revealed during this session.
  • 1:30 PM Felipe Gaucho (JavaEE)
  • 7:00 PM Brian Jenkins, Bruce Boyes (Robotics Community): Robotics and education.

Between 3:00 and 7:00 PM, there will be presentations in the open area of the booth, featuring the following teams and people:

  • 3:00 PM Kirk Pepperdine: performance tuning
  • 4:00 PM Sun VP: Q & A
  • 5:00 PM Alice Team Roundtable (Education): Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web. Created at Carnegie Mellon University, Alice is a freely available teaching tool designed to be a student's first exposure to object-oriented programming. Alice 3, currently under development, enables a transition from Alice to Java, allowing students to "open the hood" and work with the Java code for 3D animation programs.
  • 6:00 PM Fabiane Nardon and Bruno Souza (Java Tools)
  • 6:30 PM Fabiane Nardon, Toni Epple, and Bruno Souza (Java Tools)

In addition to all this activity at the booth, at 7:30 PM community leader Frank Kieviet will be presenting BOF-6730 "What Is and Will Be New in OpenESB?"

Refer to the Community Corner 2009 Schedule for the latest updates to Tuesday's schedule, and also to look ahead to Wednesday's and Thursday's Community Corner events.

For a list of JavaOne sessions and BOFs that will feature community members, visit my Community JavaOne Week Presentations Schedule. If you're presenting at JavaOne, and you're a community member, and you don't see your session or BOF on my schedule, let me know, and I'll add your event.

Recent spotlighted JavaOne news:

JavaOne begins!: James Gosling has arrived at Moscone in San Francisco, CA for JavaOne week: "JavaOne is finally beginning! Getting ready for this one has been an incredible amount of work for everyone involved. The lineup of sessions is superb. I had a *really* hard time picking the Duke's choice winners (they all deserved to win). The engineering teams have been doing grand acts of heroism to get a pile of software releases ready. The demos have come together beautifully. Some are a little too close to the bleeding edge..."

The latest JavaOne-related Weblogs include:

Rama Pulavarthi, Speaking at JavaOne 2009 on JAX-WS 2.2: Jitu and I are going to speak at JavaOne 2009 on JAX-WS 2.2. The BOF is on Wednesday, June 03 7:45 PM - 8:35 PM. We will be talking about the new features in JAX-WS 2.2. Hope to see you there.

Arun Gupta, Community One West 2009 - In Pictures: Here are some pictures from the Community One West 2009 earlier today ... See ya tomorrow at JavaOne!

Felipe Gaucho, 5 minutes with ICEfaces during JavaOne 2009: I visited the ICEfaces booth during JavaOne 2009, and figured out they have a very nice JSF/AJAX framework over there.

Sean Sheedy, Opportunities to chat JCP at JavaOne: It's great to be at another JavaOne, and especially this time as an ME EC member. Here are some opportunities to hold court on EC issues.

Harold Carr, Speaking on Metro at Community One: I'm speaking on the Metro web services stack at Community One at 1:40pm today. Watch live online:

Fabrizio Giudici, Interview with lambdaj creator - meet Mario Fusco at the Java.Net Community Corner: Functional programming has been a hot topic in recent times, at the point that a number of new languages such as Scala, Haskell or Erlang have been brought to the attention of people (at least, those attending conferences or reading blogs).

Sonya Barry, Community Corner 2009 - up and running: JavaOne officially starts tomorrow, but for some of us it started on Saturday. Here's a quick note about what we've been up to for the last couple of days, and what we're planning for this week.

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Coverage of the Forums will return next week, after JavaOne.

There is no Poll during JavaOne week. There will be a new poll next week.

Our Feature Articles include Gary Benson's just published Zero and Shark: a Zero-Assembly Port of OpenJDK, which tells the interesting story of how the Java group at Red Hat developed a cross-platform OpenJDK port; and Protect Your Legacy Code Investment with JNA, by Stephen B. Morris, which introduces Java Native Access (JNA) and demonstrates how it can be used to facilitate interaction between Java programs an native libraries, for example Windows DLLs.

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobility Podcast 79: JavaOne 2009 Preview, in which JRoger Brinkley and Terrence Barr preview JavaOne 2009 for mobile, media and embedded developers.

The latest OpenJDK Podcast is

The latest JavaOne Community Corner Podcast is


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