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Posted by editor on June 1, 2009 at 10:43 AM PDT's Community Corner 2009 gets started Monday afternoon at the booth in the JavaOne Pavillion. Sun's Reggie Hutcherson will be welcoming the community leaders at 3:00; and Aaron Houston and Java User Group (JUG) leaders will follow at 4:00.

Reggie attended Saturday's Community Leaders Weekend event, speaking about a variety of topics related to Sun developer communities ( and SDN), Java, Sun, and more. His background is interesting: he worked on Sybase (which is the basis of Microsoft's SQL Server) before coming to Sun. Besides having experience as a developer on the back-end server side, he also clearly perceives the continuum that stretches from the high-availability highly secure server side all the way out to the tiniest potential clients (for example, mobile devices). Furthermore, his current role at Sun makes him responsible for providing the developer communities that grow around specific areas or nodes of that hardware and software continuum with what they need to better accomplish their objectives. It was very interesting listening to Reggie's brief opening statement and listening to and participating in the Q&A that followed. I also had an opportunity to chat with him briefly during the break that followed.

Aaron Houston is the Java User Groups Program Coordinator. He did not attend the community leaders weekend event on Saturday, but the JUGs were well-represented there.

Come to the booth at 3:00 if you'd like to see and/or speak with Reggie and community leaders; and at 4:00 you'll find Aaron and many JUG leaders at the booth.

Recent spotlighted JavaOne news:

GlassFish 2009 Unconference: Sunday, May 31, 1:00 - 7:00 PM: The GlassFish 2009 Unconference is happening Sunday afternoon: "with topics related to the application server, (GlassFish/Open)ESB, Hudson, Portal (WebSpace), WebStack, and more..." Location: Moscone Center (Unconference space, Hall A). You need a Community One or JavaOne badge to enter, but you can get a Community One badge on the spot at the Unconference. As of just before the unconference, 83 people said they are attending. Topics suggested thus far include: Hudson plugin development - architecture, deployment, examples; Glassfish Open ESB Clustering; Hudson with Maven, NetBeans and Eclipse; GlassfishV3 with JavaFX.

OpenSSO And JavaOne!: Sid just published a schedule of OpenSSO events during JavaOne week: "Join us Sunday May 31st, for OpenSSO Community Day at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It's our 'unconference' before the main conference and discussions will include OpenDS and Identity Connectors. Just show up prepared to talk about any topic related to Sun's open source identity projects. As always attendance is free. Join our Meetup to participate in this discussion..."

The latest JavaOne-related Weblogs include:

Terrence Barr, JavaOne 2009: A Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Guide to the Show: JavaOne 2009 - here it comes! Last week I posted some high-level bits and pieces about this year's CommunityOne West and JavaOne. Now it's time to delve into details - with a mobile/media/embedded focus, of course! This post is a work in...

Joshua Marinacci, JavaOne: And so it begins: I've just arrived in SF for my fourth JavaOne conference. Despite the usual chaos this year's prep has gone very well. We have a ton of new things to show you. Most importantly we have the new release of JavaFX....

Van Riper, Tips and Tricks for Starting and Maintaining a Successful User Group: At CommunityOne West, Kevin Nilson and I are leading a session on Tips and Tricks for Starting and Maintaining a Successful User Group. Of particular interest to the JUG Leadership Community, we will be discussing the synergy we are seeing between our Silicon Valley Web JUG and the much younger Silicon Valley Google Technology User Group.

Jean-Francois Arcand, High Five from JavaOne: High Five from JavaOne, of 5 chances to listen to an ugly Quebecois accent.

Roberto Chinnici, JavaOne 2009: Once again, we are at the crazy weekend before JavaOne. This year Arun interviewed me and, more importantly, provided a link to my sessions at JavaOne. So I won't provide any detailed directions here, and instead summarize my speaking engagements...

Arun Gupta, JVB #08: Vivek Pandey on GlassFish at JavaOne 2009: Learn what Vivek Pandey will be doing at JavaOne 2009.

Arun Gupta, JVB #07: Jacob Kessler on GlassFish at JavaOne 2009: Learn what Jacob Kessler will be doing at JavaOne 2009.

Arun Gupta, JVB #06: Jiandong Guo on GlassFish at JavaOne 2009: Learn what Jiandong Guo will be doing at JavaOne 2009.

Arun Gupta, JVB #05: Bhakti Mehta on GlassFish at JavaOne 2009: Learn what Bhakti Mehta will be doing at JavaOne 2009.

Terrence Barr, Java Device Test Framework released: Today marks the release of the Java Device Test Framework (JDTF) project into the Java Mobile & Embedded Community. JDTF is a test framework based on Sun Microsystems Java Device Test Suite (JDTS) product. JDTF is a general purpose, fully-featured,...

John O'Conner, JavaOne 2009: Top 10 Sessions: Choices, many choices and so little time. Here's my list of Top 10 Sessions that you must attend at JavaOne.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, JavaOne activities around Hudson: JavaOne/CommunityOne 2009 is just a few days away, and here's the list of activities around Hudson in JavaOne/CommunityOne.

Coverage of the Forums will return next week, after JavaOne.

There is no Poll during JavaOne week. There will be a new poll next week.

Our Feature Articles include Gary Benson's just published Zero and Shark: a Zero-Assembly Port of OpenJDK, which tells the interesting story of how the Java group at Red Hat developed a cross-platform OpenJDK port; and Protect Your Legacy Code Investment with JNA, by Stephen B. Morris, which introduces Java Native Access (JNA) and demonstrates how it can be used to facilitate interaction between Java programs an native libraries, for example Windows DLLs.

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobility Podcast 79: JavaOne 2009 Preview, in which JRoger Brinkley and Terrence Barr preview JavaOne 2009 for mobile, media and embedded developers.

The latest OpenJDK Podcast is

The latest JavaOne Community Corner Podcast is


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HI ...just a correction... I did attend the Community Leads weekend around mid-day -- Aaron Houston