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JavaOne 2009's Final Day: Parting Thoughts and Appreciations

Posted by editor on June 5, 2009 at 12:54 AM PDT

The community will be busy through late Friday afternoon, on the final day of JavaOne 2009, with three more JavaOne technical sessions:

  • 1:30 PM, Matt Warman et al. (jfrets project): PAN-5388: Making Music with the Javaâ„¢ Programming Language - Musicians and software developers are kindred spirits. Developing algorithms and implementing them seems to be quite similar to developing a music score and playing it.
  • 2:50 PM, Michael Huttermann (JUGs Community): TS-4421: Simplifying Development and Testing of GUIs with the Swing Application Framework (JSR 296) and FEST
  • 4:10 PM, Anton Epple, Geertjan Weilenga: TS-3886: Porting an Application to the NetBeans Platform

James Gosling Friday morning keynote

James Gosling presents the Friday morning keynote address (8:30 - 10:30 AM, US Pacific Time) to start the final day of JavaOne 2009 -- conceivably the final day in the history of JavaOne conferences. How fitting it will be for James to lead the Friday's activities if indeed that is the last ever JavaOne conference day.

Of course, even if this is the last JavaOne, it's certainly not the last large conference centered on Java. The "JavaOne" name may disappear, but the benefits of an annual JavaOne-like gathering will remain. I expect we'll be seeing James and many of the people who presented at this year's JavaOne gather together in a large conference format under some name at some point in mid-2010. If my estimate of Oracle's intentions is correct, that 2010 conference will look a lot like the historic JavaOnes, even if it has an updated name (what does the "One" part really mean at this point, anyway?)

So, I'll be watching James from my hotel room Friday morning. Everyone who wants to watch and has a high-speed internet connection will be able to do so simply by going to the JavaOne home page, where all the keynotes have been streamed live.

Saying Good-bye, and what's coming up

After James's keynote, I'll be checking out of the hotel and preparing for the long flight back east. I'll bring with me about 20 raw podcast recordings that we made during the Community Corner events. Over the coming weeks, we'll be publishing the podcasts. Each podcast will be accompanied by a blog, which in many cases will include links and images relevant to the podcast. Some of the podcasts also come with a slide deck, that you can scroll through as you listen to the podcast.

I look forward to putting together these podcast/blogs. It all passed by too fast as it happened at JavaOne. I'd barely finish one podcast, and the next podcast or mini-talk was already about to begin. It will be really nice to be able to sit and re-listen to what was said, and put it all together for the benefit of the community, and beyond...

Some well-deserved thanks...

I'd especially like to thank everyone who signed up for our Community Corner podcasts and mini-talks. While I wasn't able to attend the technical sessions or panels at JavaOne itself, our booth visitors brought to us a broad spectrum of expert-level presentations and discussions. It was like a mini-JavaOne conference coming right to our booth!

Also, thanks to the presence of the Robotics community (Bruce Boyes, Jim Wright, and Brian Jenkins) at the Communities table, I learned a whole lot about the work that is being done by that community, and about the robots they were demonstrating. By my second day at the table, I was able to describe the basics of the robots' design and functionality (hardware and software) to visitors in a way that satisfied all but the truly up-to-date robotics experts. Thanks guys! That was quite interesting for someone who started out programming HP-9845's to set and poll bits as a means of automating hardware instrumentation systems using RS-232 serial and GPIB cables. Yeah, I used to get to work with wires and circuit boards, once upon a time...

Of course, I thank the team at Sun for bringing me to the conference. I was in attendance, while many other people who wanted to be here were not able to attend this year. As I've said, I intend to bring the conference to these people, who deserve to be informed, to the greatest extent to which I can do that...

I also thank my friends at O'Reilly Media for providing me with the opportunity to take the reins as editor just in time for the conference! And I thank your former editor, Chris Adamson, for helping me get up to speed in the role of being editor quickly enough for me to be able to make a contribution to the community based on my JavaOne experience.

I hope there will be another JavaOne (or JavaOne-like) conference next year; and I very much hope to be in attendance again as your editor.

Talk to you next week!

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Coverage of the Forums will return next week, after JavaOne.

There is no Poll during JavaOne week. There will be a new poll next week.

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The community will be busy through late Friday afternoon, on the final day of JavaOne 2009...

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geekycoder: the slides from the JWebPane BOF at JavaOne have been posted by Alexey Ushakov:

Thanks, Mortazavi. Geekycoder: There was supposed to be a JWebpane BOF on Thursday at 8:30 at JavaOne (BOF-3992). Does anyone know if this BOF happened?

What happen to JWebpane ? No one seems to report on its progress ? Is it officially "dead" ?

Nice wrap up ... and pointers. Thanks.