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OpenDS 2.0.0 Provides High-Performance Directory Services

Posted by editor on July 20, 2009 at 6:55 AM PDT

The OpenDS team has announced that OpenDS 2.0.0 Has Been Released. OpenDS is an open source project that is building a free, high-performance, highly extensible directory service based on LDAP and DSML. The OpenDS 2.0 Release Notes provide the details on the new release.

Ludovic Poitou wrote at length about the new release in his recent blog post OpenDS 2.0 is here!

OpenDS is an LDAPv3 compliant Directory Service written entirely in Java. The 2.0 release has many new features since OpenDS 1.0 that was released a year ago.

What's new in OpenDS 2.0? Here are some of the highlights:

  • An administration connector that manages all administration traffic to the server.
  • A graphical control panel that displays server status information and enables you to perform basic server and data administration.
  • An assured replication mechanism that ensures high availability of data and immediacy of data availability for specific deployment requirements.
  • Enhanced SASL encryption.
  • Support for searching internationalized directory data.
  • A DSML-to-LDAP gateway that can easily be deployed as a web application.
  • Support for the Java Cryptography Extension keystore (JCEKS) in the setup command.
  • Full standards-compliant support for UTF-8 character encoding in the directory data.

Ludovic writes:

OpenDS 2.0.0 is a promotion of OpenDS 2.0.0 Release Candidate 4, built with revision 5492, to the stable and finalized version. It can be installed with the Java WebStart QuickSetup or downloaded as a Zip file. A DSML-to-LDAP Gateway is available as a War file.

Like for previous OpenDS releases, a snapshot of the documentation wiki has been setup. The documentation is still being verified and a few links might not be functional yet. We expect it to be finalized by the end of next week.

A supported version of OpenDS is also available.

Ludovic concludes his post by inviting the community to participate in future OpenDS development:

This is a major milestone for the OpenDS project, but there is more to come... Make sure you check the Roadmap and you participate to it.

In Java Today, The OpenDS project team announces that OpenDS 2.0.0 Has Been Released: "The OpenDS development team is very please to announce the availability of OpenDS 2.0.0 and it's supported companion Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.0. OpenDS 2.0.0 is a promotion of OpenDS 2.0.0 Release Candidate 4, built with revision 5492, to the stable and finalized version. It can be installed with the Java WebStart QuickSetup or downloaded as a Zip file. A DSML-to-LDAP Gateway is available as a War file..."

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The OpenDS team has announced that OpenDS 2.0.0 Has Been Released...