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Quotable Quotes From Java Conferences Past and Present

Posted by edort on May 3, 2006 at 3:21 PM PDT

Sitting here in the middle of the Mohave (I work remotely from Las Vegas) I'm starting to feel the beginning of a heat swell that will ultimately climb in June into the 110s. That's one of the reasons I'm looking forward to arriving at JavaOne and enjoying San Francisco's supercool breezes (O.K., it's damn cold).

Another thing I'm looking forward to is picking up interesting quotes from some of the Java "heavyweights." A few months ago I attended TheServerSide Symposium here in Vegas. Here are some of the more interesting quotes I heard:

  • "Java EE will bring back a lot of disgruntled people."
  • "It's quite interesting to see the technology behind AJAX really being accepted after being around for years. This will engender a whole new set of applications, and it will cause a lot of excitement."
  • "We'll see a lot of focus moving back to the desktop. Sun will either significantly open access to Java or serious alternative will emerge."
  • "AJAX and POJOs will make a big difference in enterprise applications."

Many of the same players who were at the TSS Symposium will also make appearances at J1. I'll keep my ears open wide and try to capture any of the more interesting things they say. If you hear a quote that sounds particularly interesting share it here.

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