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TS-2312: Model 2X: The best of both worlds!

Posted by eitan on June 12, 2003 at 4:05 PM PDT

TS-2312 introduces the idea of combining jsp/jstl with xslt transformations to produce dynamic apps that target different markup languages, such as wml, html (why didn't they mention xul? i find it a shame that so far most people have blissfully ignored xul, a very powerful markup language for describing user interfaces..). so this Model 2X is the idea of pipelining processes (similar to cocoon) for rendering a ui (let's say a page), specifically by starting with a jsp "transform", followed by an xslt transform. the jsp's of course introduce the dynamic aspects of the page, but it produces a format-neutral xml result. this xml is then transformed using xslt to introduce the target-client-specific markup: html for [old and boring] web browsers, wml for small wireless devices [, and xul for cool modern web browsers].

so a problem i see here is both transforms must take place on every request. sure, you can parse the xslt stylesheet once and cache it. that'll improve performance. but why not reverse the order of the transformations? this could allow us to produce the target-client-specific jsp's at design time, not at runtime. that leaves a single transform at runtime.

so the only question left to answer: how de we fit x-query into the pipeline? :)
the basic offer i've heard so far is xquery + xslt. so will xquery displace jsp??