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For Mac fans: Welcome improvements to Eclipse on MacOSX

Posted by eitan on July 1, 2003 at 3:15 PM PDT

I recently downloaded the M1 release of Eclipse for Mac OS
X and I'm really pleased with the improvements over the
previous release.

The biggest change by far appears to be improvements to
the underlying SWT implementation for OS X. These improvements
are quite noticeable in the application's performance,
stability, and general interaction with the IDE.
The editor feels speedier. Things generally work.
This may be picky but the arrangement of the various
panels making up a perspective could not be moved prior
to this release.

For the first time I feel Eclipse on MacOSX is now more
at par with distros for other platforms. I still complain
about the fact that default editor shortcuts are not more
in line with the native editors on OS X. Option-Right
normally takes me to the next word. Having to remember
to type Command-Right in Eclipse is disappointing..but
easily changed. Rather than complain, I should revise
the bindings and submit them as recommended default bindings
for a future release.

I've been using a Mac for a good six months now and
I finally feel that the java IDE's are getting there
in terms of stability and performance.

I'm also glad to see that Apple is adding code completion
to its IDE (renamed XCode), which i await with
anticipation. NetBeans works great on OS X with the
caveat of losing focus on the Find dialog box, which
I use so often that this issue has become major for
me. I have not yet ascertained whether this is a general
problem or whether it is specific to my configuration.
I was pleased to see that redefining the key bindings
in NetBeans was easy and fast. I feel I must also mention
jEdit which has impressed me in both its design and how
combined with a set of plugins becomes an IDE at par with
the others. Its abbreviations and code collapsing features
are really nice.

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