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from "an nfjs weekend in denver" to "the hyperlinks of the mind"

Posted by eitan on May 14, 2005 at 9:26 PM PDT

i'm sitting at the terminal of the denver airport, another nfjs weekend behind me. as usual, i'm never let down by these conferences. i get a boost of energy from standing in front of and interacting with my peers. it's fun to hang around people who can understand you when you speak. this reminds me of three things:
1. a lunch meeting in dallas with my good friend glenn vanderburg and my brother (a non-programmer). glenn and i abused our time together to talk about coding. my brother made me laugh afterwards when he told me he didn't understand a word of the gibberish that glenn and i were exchanging with each other.
2. i've always been able to talk to my wife about programming, even though she's not a programmer. i don't take for granted the fact that i'm able to do that
3. i recall something that ted neward has said before, as advice to all of us programmers: "pair program with your spouse." i've been meaning to try this out though for some reason up until now i've forgotten to follow through. actually, my daughter is turning six this july. she's getting good with the piano and like all fathers, i'm so proud of her. the time is approaching for her to become fluent in typing on the keyboard..and more importantly..for me to start pair-programming with her.

it's funny how thoughts tend to wander so far from their original intent. following the hyperlinks of the mind..that's what i like to call it!