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Fancy JTable Animations, or should I say "Extreme"

Posted by elevy on June 15, 2007 at 6:43 AM PDT

If you went to the Extreme Makeovers JavaOne 2007 presentation, you probably enjoyed as much as I did the fancy table sorting animations that were presented. I got impatient waiting for them to release their code, and went to write my own.

I did not write it exactly as it is presented there, but I followed the same principles. The layout of the cells was done with the GroupLayout instead of the GridBagLayout. I didn't finished the "spanning" effect yet.

Here you can download the src under GPL

And for those of you that want to see it in action, you can try it now:

(yes, sorry, you need jdk1.6)

Try clicking the column headers to see how the table gets sorted. It is very fancy. After using it for a while, when I click on a table that does not have this effect I feel like it did not sorted the rows!.

I can't wait to use this effect in one of my projects.

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