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Loans, loans and loans...

Posted by eloijr on September 10, 2009 at 5:04 AM PDT

It was a Sunday morning when finally I decided to organize some books that had been scattered in cartons for a long time. I wanted to put them on the bookshelf, when I saw three books that were not mine. I was surprised! Those books brought back memories when I was a boy in high school. I was remembering that I had borrowed those books a long time ago and never returned to their owner. Sure, the owner of the books forgot about loaning them to me. Can you imagine a book loaned for over 10 years?

That situation brought back memories of the previous day: one of my ubuntu installation cds was damaged and the other was on loaned to someone and I couldn't remember who. My Internet was down and I was forced to stop what I was doing. I could not download ubuntu.

So, I thought, “We often loan small yet important things to friends, but simply don't  remember to whon and often our friends don't remember to return our stuff.”

The Tranqueira project initiate to meet this need. Normally our cell phone is closer to us than desktop computer. So, it would be great to have a small software to solve a little problem with loans that runs on mobile devices. That would be a great idea!

If you have already had this kind of problem or need, I invite you to try the Tranqueira project.

The Tranqueira project is based on LWUIT (for defining the user interface) and Floggy (persistence manager) and works in any device with CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0.

To get more information about the Tranqueira project or download it, please take a look at:

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I congratulate you for this project.

Thanks a lot

Thanks Emmanuel,

I am sorry about the delay to answer you!

Eloi Jr