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DateField for LWUIT

Posted by eloijr on October 26, 2009 at 4:40 AM PDT

Yes, there is a DateField component for LWUIT and it is ready for use! It is localized too! It was created by Marlon Luz from IndT, Manaus, Brazil, and the Tranqueira Project is using it.

With this DateField it is very easy to configure date formats and check for a valid day, month and year and fix these values, if there is something wrong with them. Because I guess it is not interesting to show the input mode (“123”) for this component, I decided to unable this resource on Tranqueira Project.

DateField is using a great characteristics of LWUIT: its similarity with Swing. It is using a descendant class of DefaulLookAndFeel (DateFieldLookandFeel) to draw some graphics difference between DateField and TextField (its ancestor).

It can be enhanced and become even better. Try Tranqueira Project but try the DateField used in this project too.

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Tranqueira? haha English

Tranqueira? haha English speakers will laugh when they translate this word. Nice app.

Hi Helio, It is just one of

Hi Helio,

It is just one of the reasons that gringos like the Brazilians! We do everything with creativity and fun!

Eloi Jr

Where can I get the component?

Hi, Great news, but could you provide some links where I can actually find the component, the mentioned project and related information? Iwan


The link of the Tranqueira project is
Take a look on it and check out the DateField class! The Devolvido class is one of the class of the project that is using the DateField!
Thanks for your interest!
Anything else, I'm here!
Eloi Jr

Hi, I have tried to implement

I have tried to implement your date picker but I am having some issues. It shows the date picker well but when you type the date/month you want it doesnt pick the correct data you typed. I have included two classes in my project; DateField and DateFieldLookAndFeel, do I need any other? Please guide me on how to achieve this as Lwuit's native calendar is not suited at all for what am trying to achieve.
Thanks in advance.