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Speaking at JavaOne

Posted by emcmanus on February 19, 2008 at 2:29 AM PST

I'll be speaking at again this year. As in the previous two years, I'll be sharing the stage with Jean-François Denise. The main subject will be the contents of the two JMX-related JSRs that are nearing completion: JSR 255, which is defining version 2.0 of the JMX API, and JSR 262, which is defining a Web Services Connector.

Our session is TS-5199. Here's the abstract:

The JavaTM Management Extensions (JMXTM) API, part of the core Java platform since release 5.0, is being updated through two JSRs nearing completion: JSR 255 (JMX API 2.0) and JSR 262 (Web Services Connector). In this session, members of Sun